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GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
  • GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
  • GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
  • GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
  • GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer

GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer

Product Category: Pilot Freeze Dryer
Place of Origin: Made in China
Price: 1700-350000USD/set
·freeze drying area:5.2㎡
·ice collecting capacity:≥100kg/24h
·ultimate vacuum:≤5pa
·shipping weight:50L(thickness 10mm)
·cold trap temperature:≤-75℃
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 Pilot Freeze Dryer takes advantage of the advantages of lyophilization. Pilot Freeze Dryer has the following advantages over conventional methods: Freeze-drying has the following advantages:
1. Many heat sensitive substances will not be denatured or inactivated.
2. When drying at low temperatures, some of the volatile components in the material are lost.
3. During the lyophilization process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes cannot be carried out, so that the original traits can be maintained.
4. After drying, the material is loose and porous, and it is sponge-like. After adding water, it dissolves quickly and completely, and immediately restores the original trait.
5. Since the drying is carried out in a frozen state, the volume is almost constant, the original structure is maintained, and concentration does not occur.
6. Since the moisture in the material exists in the form of ice crystals after pre-freezing, the inorganic salt-soluble substances originally dissolved in the water are evenly distributed in the material. When sublimation, the dissolved substances dissolved in water are precipitated, which avoids the phenomenon that the inorganic salt carried by the internal moisture migration to the surface in the general drying method is precipitated on the surface to cause surface hardening.
7. Since drying is carried out under vacuum, there is very little oxygen, so some easily oxidizable substances are protected.
8. Drying can exclude 95%~99% of water, so that the products can be preserved for a long time without deterioration.
9. Because the material is in a frozen state, the temperature is very low, so the temperature of the heat source for heating is not high, and the heater with normal temperature or low temperature can meet the requirements. If the freezing chamber and the drying chamber are separated, the drying chamber does not need to be insulated, and there is not much heat loss, so the utilization of heat energy is economical. As the so-called perfect technology, the main disadvantage of vacuum freeze-drying technology is the high cost. Because it requires vacuum and low temperature conditions, the vacuum Pilot Freeze Dryer is equipped with a vacuum system and a cryogenic system, so the investment cost and running cost are relatively high.

 This GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production ,etc. After the freeze drying process,a long term preservation is much easier. They can be restored to the original state and mantain their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered.
  Freezing and drying process of LGL-5  are completed in the same place (patented product). It changes the cumbersome operation of the drying process in the past, prevents the contamination of materials, and realized dry sublimation automatically. The model is equipped with shelf heating and has programmable functions. It can memorize freeze-dried curves for users to observe the lyophilization process of materials.

 GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer main features
  1. It is our company's patented product . Freezing and drying is completed in the same place. It is easy to operate,and have a good drying effect.
  2. Patented gas diversion technology, uniform ice catching in cold traps, and strong ice catching capability.
  3. Internationally renowned brand compressors, high efficiency, long life, low noise.
  4. Separator patented technology and partition temperature fuzzy control technology, the shelf temperature difference is small, the temperature control accuracy is high, and the drying effect is even.
  5. The freeze-drying curve optimization control technology can control the cooling rate in the pre-freeze phase, and at the same time, it can control the sample heating rate and the current stage vacuum degree in the sublimation and analytical drying stages.
  6. The powerful sensor calibration function ensures the long term accuracy  of the measured value.
  7. 7-inch true color industrial embedded touch screen + SH-HPSC-II modular controller, high control accuracy, stable and reliable performance.
  8. The professionally designed FD-PILOT control system can save hundreds of process recipes. Each recipe contains 50 temperature control zones to improve the process optimization rate.
  9. Intelligent data recording system, real-time record and display the cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, vacuum curve, export data can be viewed through the computer and print a variety of operations to facilitate process optimization and verification of drying effect.
  10. Flexible manual + automatic control, manually used for groping the process, automatically used for mass production.
  11. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm query function to facilitate fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.
  12. Vacuum adjustment during drying operation to avoid foaming and blowing of special materials and improve drying efficiency.
  13. Setting the user level and password , and decentralizing operation management

Technical parameters

freeze drying area:5.2㎡

shelf dimensions:750×1000mm

shelf numbers:7+1pcs

tray numbers:28pcs

shelf spacing:80mm

shelf temp. range:-50℃~+80℃

shelf accuracy:±1℃
cold trap temperature:≤-75℃

ice collecting capacity:≥100KG/24h


cooled mode:water cooled
shipping weight:50L(thickness 10mm)


optional accessories and functions

eutectic point tester

Freeze drying finished judgment function

Anti-corrosion imported vacuum pump
oil mist filter system

LYO-MEGA Software System

Mobile phone APP monitoring system

data recorder

capacitive vacuum gauge
·non-standard customized

Suitable for freeze drying of bulk (liquid, pasty, solid) conventional materials.

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GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
GZL-5 Pilot Freeze Dryer
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