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Summary of common problems in freeze dryer

Release Date: 2019/4/9 17:40:25 .
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Summary of common problems in freeze dryer
Beijing Songyuan Huaxing is a professional freeze dryer supplier in China. In the face of customer questions about the freeze dryer (freeze dryer), here are some common questions: I need to get 1 kg. How many pounds of product are needed for lyophilized products.
Taking vegetables as an example, how many freeze-dried vegetables are obtained after vacuuming and drying a pound of fresh vegetables, the calculation is as follows:
First, the general water content of vegetables is about 90%, then the water content of 1 kg of fresh cabbage is 500gx0.9=450g;
Second, using the freeze dryer vacuum freeze-drying, can remove 95-99% of the water content of vegetables, if calculated according to 99%, the water content of 450g of fresh vegetables is *99% = 445.5g, that is, frozen by freeze dryer After drying, you can remove 445.5g of water from fresh vegetables.
Summary: After a pound of fresh cabbage is lyophilized, the weight of the freeze-dried cabbage is 500-445.5g, which is equal to 54.5g. Similarly, as long as the water content of the lyophilized product is known, the weight obtained after lyophilization can be calculated.
The pilot-type freeze dryer is an ideal vacuum freeze-drying device for intermediate testing and small-scale production. It is mainly used to verify whether the products in the laboratory can be industrially produced on a large scale and to determine the production process.
Standard Process: Laboratory Experiment (Experimental Freeze Dryer)->Pilot Production (Pilot Type Freeze Dryer)->Official Industrial Production (Production Type Freeze Dryer)
Pilot  freeze dryer features:
★ large production area;
★Imported refrigeration compressor, reliable operation and long service life;
★Multiple cooling technology, shortening freeze-drying time, import brand guarantee, reducing noise, large cooling capacity, large water catching capacity, high quality and high performance;
★ Touch screen LCD display, curve and data display dry process, new PID control, convenient for users to learn more information according to data changes;
★The observation window is built in, and the drying process is intuitive. In-situ pre-freezing, all automation from vacuum to drying is achieved, reducing the tedious operation of the drying process;
★ Free internal 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion and easy to clean, durable;
★ Silicone oil freezing medium, error <1 °C, uniform drying effect;
★Configure the inflation valve to fill the dry inert gas;
★The square shelf is not easy to be deformed, easy to operate and easy to clean;
★The drying room adopts high light transmissive colorless transparent plexiglass door, which can clearly observe the change process of materials during the operation;
★ Optional temperature recorder. Adjustable temperature recording points, real-time monitoring, increase the guarantee for your experience accumulation;
★ Optional eutectic point test device and automatic pressure plug device.

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