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Preparation for the pilot freeze dryer
The pilot freeze dryer must be pre-frozen before operation and use. The pre-freeze needs to prepare a low-temperature refrigerator, minus 40 degrees Celsius, or minus 80 degrees Celsius low-temperature refrigerator, and place the items to be dried in a low-temperature refrigerator or liquid nitrogen It usually takes about four hours. ...
Do commercial vacuum freeze dryers need to be cleaned?
Commercial vacuum freeze dryer is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrument control system....
What should be paid attention to in the operation of the freeze dryer?
Freeze dryer is widely used in the processing of medicine, food and so on. However, due to the uninterrupted nature of freeze-drying production, once the freeze-drying machine fails, it will seriously affect production and cause losses to the enterprise....
Application of vacuum freeze dryer in biopharmaceutical and food fields
With the continuous development of freeze-drying technology, the vacuum freeze-dryer is widely used in the fields of biological products, medical pharmacy and food....
Factors to consider when choosing a laboratory freeze dryer
Different experiments and different samples have different requirements for the functions of laboratory freeze dryers. Generally speaking, for the freeze-drying of samples such as food, Chinese herbal medicines, powder materials, etc., it is generally recommended to use shelf-type laboratory freeze dryers; You must choose a laboratory freeze dryer with a capping device; it is recommended to use a hanging bottle type for the freeze-drying of microbial strains and be sure to choose an ampoule adapter for freeze-drying; if you want to do a freeze-drying process curve study, you must choose The controller can support eutectic point test equipment and software....
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