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About the principle of small freeze dryer at work
A small freeze dryer is a technology that uses the principle of sublimation to dry. It is a process in which the dried substance is quickly frozen at a low temperature, and then in an appropriate vacuum environment, the frozen water molecules are directly sublimated into water vapor and escaped....
Heat and mass transfer in sublimation and drying of small freeze dryer
 Small freeze dryer is a science that studies the characteristics and laws of heat and mass transfer process of lyophilized materials under vacuum and low temperature environment. It is an interdisciplinary comprehensive technology. ...
Five component systems of Lyophilizer
Lyophilizer  is mainly composed of refrigeration system, control system, circulation system, vacuum system, hydraulic system. ...
Analysis of various factors affecting the speed of food freeze dryer
The whole process of freeze drying of food freeze dryers is actually the process of simultaneous heat and mass transfer (water vapor)....
The use of a pilot in-situ Freeze Dryer  avoids the loss of food nutrients
pilot in-situ Freeze Dryer is a kind of food that needs to be hydrated. Common frozen foods include mushroom powder, rice, porridge, vegetable bags, etc....
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