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Commitment to the Ministry of Science and Technology Nine Five research topics, to achieve freeze-drying machine localization, more than 20 years of industry experience.
Multiple Security Protection
Phase protection, overload protection, operational protection, fault protection, alarm and other security measures to ensure 100% safe operation.
Energy saving and environmental protection
Patented technology energy-saving vacuum freeze-drying system, effectively reduce the energy consumption of equipment to promote the development of the industry.
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Service Mission: fast, accurate and thoughtful. Headquartered in Beijing across the country with branch offices and special maintenance station.
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  • Points to note before using small freeze dryer

    Small freeze dryer is based on the principle of air freeze drying, using refrigeration equipment to cool the compressed air to a certain dew point temperature, precipitate the corresponding water content, and separate the gas and liquid through the separator, and then discharge the water by the automatic drain valve....
    Thursday 8 . 2020
  • Treatment method for fluorine leakage in pilot freeze dryer

    Pilot freeze dryer uses physical principles to freeze the moisture in compressed air below the dew point to precipitate it from the air....
    Friday 7 . 2020
  • The solution to the temperature adjustment problem of freeze dryer

    In the freeze-drying process of the freeze dryer, the temperature of the liquid items is pre-frozen and the subsequent sublimation of the moisture in the solid items needs to be controlled within a certain range of process requirements, which requires the freeze dryer to have a certain degree of temperature regulation Features. ...
    Thursday 7 . 2020
  • The industrial vacuum freeze dryer must be maintained well to carry out the experiment smoothly

    Wednesday 10 . 2020
     Industrial vacuum freeze dryer has excellent performance, which can make the water in the food directly sublime and dry from the solid under the conditions of slurry and vacuum, without evaporation of the liquid. It can preserve the original color, aroma, taste and shape of the food to a large extent, the original nutrients and active substances are rarely damaged, and the rehydration is rapid, no preservatives are needed, and the product is dried by an industrial vacuum freeze dryer. ...
  • Is it necessary to clean up the small freeze dryer regularly?

    Wednesday 9 . 2020
    Regarding the professional internal cleaning method of the freeze dryer, it is necessary to draw the attention of each operator in a unified manner to effectively ensure the good use of the equipment, so for the relevant introduction and pointing out for everyone above, It has to be brought to the attention of every operator....
  • Do these things in the process of using Lyophilizer, there are many benefits

    Thursday 8 . 2020
     Lyophilizer adopts food dehydration processing technology. Compared with common drying methods, the freeze-dried food produced by vacuum freeze-drying technology has a long shelf life, good rehydration, and good color, aroma, taste and nutrition. ...
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R & D production and sales integration,Cost-effective
Beijing songyuan huaxing has 8000 square meters of production plants, with advanced technology and rich experience committed to the freeze-drying equipment innovation. The company has a number of doctorate or master's degrees, undergraduate education, including professional personnel, to ensure the overall performance of the product reliability
Freeze Dryer
Machine life of more than 10 years
Adhere to the "quality to create value," the core concept, to create first-class freeze-drying equipment, owned by the manufacturing process, technology, capacity ranks the leading domestic level. Each plant is factory tested in the factory
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The overall solution, worry-free after-sales
Professional team of engineers based on customer needs, combined with their own experience, to make customer demand analysis. For the customer in the use of equipment problems, the company's technical staff to provide all-weather technical guidance services
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    Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and specializes in the R&D, production and sales of vacuum freeze-drying products. With the vacuum freeze dryer as the core product, forming different scales and different applications of three series of products as well as targeted solution for scientific research experiment, medical, and food industry. We are well-known on providing the vacuum freeze-drying equipment and targeted solution in China.

    We are one of the first domestic enterprises engaged in vacuum freeze-drying technology and safety production standardization of Beijing industrial enterprises. Our head office is in Beijing. We have the branches and special maintenance stations in Shanghai, Guangdong, Wuhan, Xian, and Chengdu. Our products are exported to the United States, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and other countries.

    With the rapid development, we have established a complete service system, which improves customer service from the management mechanism, enhances the service concept from the corporate culture, enhances customer satisfaction from system guarantees, expands customer complaint channels, encourages customers to complaint, establishes a sound customer complaint handling process, and handles customer complaints directly with performance and bonuses. Our reputation and customer loyalty become more and more enhanced. Meanwhile, we get ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and CE certification.

    "Innovation, transforming new technologies into productivity" is the core competitiveness of us. We combine industry-leading concepts and rich product development experience to provide simple, convenient, safe and practical products and solutions for helping our customers to achieve low cost, low risk and high efficiency.

    We develop three series of thirteen products with independent intellectual property and high-tech contents. The series are separately A) the in-situ freeze-dryer (ZL.2008 2 0183121.4): In-situ freeze-drying machines (LGJ-18S, LGJ- 30S, LGJ-50S, LGJ-100S, LGJ-200S); B) the in-situ vacuum freeze dryer (ZL.2010 2 0237059.X): the in-situ vacuum freeze dryers (LGJ -10F, LGJ-20F, LGJ-30F, LGJ-50F, LGJ-100F, LGJ-200F); C) the vacuum freeze dryer (ZL.2013 2 0419675.0): the vacuum freeze dryers (LGJ-30FD, LGJ- 50FD). In 2012, we researched one kind of patented shelf for vacuum freeze dryers (ZL.2012 2 0111636.X),which is widely used in the current mainstream pilot freeze dryers and production freeze dryers. It makes the rapid development of domestic vacuum freeze-drying technology. In 2015, we researched and developed a kind of energy-saving vacuum freeze-dryer system and a vacuum freeze dryer with this system (ZL.2015 2 0631 623.9). At present, this energy-saving system is mainly used in food freeze-drying equipment .About 30% equipment energy can be saved effectively to promote the development of domestic freeze-dried food industry.

    We have the cordial, open, and rigorous corporate culture and scientific management system. We also have the outstanding talents teams including the management team composed of outstanding professional managers, and the technical term composed of the senior refrigeration experts , the senior vacuum experts, senior electronic control experts, and experienced mechanical design experts who work together in product development, promotion, and maintenance. We understand deeply the meaning of “customer-centric” and apply “service” to every detail of the company's operations and management to win our customers’ trust and support.

    We have become an in-depth technical partner with many well-known freeze-drying technology companies and well-known colleges and universities both at home and abroad with an open and harmonious attitude to deepen the development of vacuum freeze-drying technology applications.

    We grow up with serving our customers and get success with our customers together. We work hard to do everything well and meet every challenge with full confidence.

  • Honor

    Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd., a Beijing-based enterprise for the production safety standardization of enterprises, passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and exported to the European Union CE certification. The products are exported to the United States, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and other countries. .


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       Beijing Songyuan Huaxing has an excellent professional management team and a technical team composed of experienced refrigeration experts, senior vacuum experts, senior electronic control experts, and senior mechanical design experts. They work together in product development, promotion and maintenance, and deeply understand "Customer-centric" means that "services" run through every detail of the company's operations and management, winning customers' extensive trust and support.

Partner Independent research and development, innovation and progress, and always in the domestic vacuum freeze-drying equipment manufacturing industry-leading level.
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