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Points to note before using small freeze dryer

Release Date: Thursday 8 . 2020
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  Small freeze dryer is based on the principle of air freeze drying, using refrigeration equipment to cool the compressed air to a certain dew point temperature, precipitate the corresponding water content, and separate the gas and liquid through the separator, and then discharge the water by the automatic drain valve. So as to achieve the purpose of freezing and dehumidification. At the same time, the solid dust particles and micro-oil components in the compressed air are filtered out, so that the quality of the air source can meet the requirements of clean and dry air.
  Points to note before using the small freeze dryer:
  1. The Small freeze dryer is a precision equipment. The precision components, piping, and control system electronic components of the internal refrigeration system must not be subjected to greater shock and vibration. When long-distance transportation is carried out by road, the vehicle speed shall not be too high. When the road surface is of poor quality, you should slow down to avoid unnecessary losses.
  2. When loading, unloading, moving and installing the small freeze dryer, regardless of the packing or unpacking state, a forklift must be used to carry it from the bottom of the box or the machine. Never carry the machine under force at the air inlet and outlet pipes.
  3. When the water-cooled small freeze dryer is turned on, water should be supplied first, and then power should be supplied.
  4. The cooling water temperature and flow rate meet the specified values.
  5. The distance between the air inlet of the air-cooled small freeze dryer and the wall is more than 1.5m, the air inlet and exhaust outlet of the two dryers should not face each other, and the ambient temperature should not be higher than 350℃.
  6. The Small freeze dryer must have gas, water and electricity before starting up.

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