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Vacuum freeze dryer encounters these, please be sure not to say no

Release Date: 2019/4/4 17:29:16 .
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Vacuum freeze dryer encounters these, please be sure not to say no
Vacuum freeze dryers, also known as freeze dryers, are based on the principle of pre-freezing an aqueous article and then sublimating its moisture under vacuum to obtain a dry article. The freeze-dried articles are easy to store for a long time, and can be restored to the state before lyophilization and retain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water.
Vacuum freeze dryer operation steps:
First, check before starting
1. Check before starting the machine (whether the power cord is connected well | check the vacuum pump, confirm that the vacuum pump oil has been filled, not oil-free operation, etc.)
2. Turn on the power cord. At this time, check whether the main power indicator is blinking. The flashing indicates that the power is on.
Second, pre-freezing preparation
1. Place the processed material evenly in the material tray, place the temperature sensor in a suitable position in the material, and fix it.
2. Place the tray containing the good materials in the freeze-drying room and close the thick transparent glass door in the freeze-drying room.
3. Press the Shanghai Power Vacuum Freeze Dryer Main Power Switch.
Freeze-drying operation prohibited by vacuum freeze dryer:
(1) Do not use if it is not installed correctly
(2) Do not use without permission
(3) Do not use the shelf.
(4) Corrosive substances cannot be lyophilized without special safety measures. Even if there is protection, it is guaranteed that the host material will not corrode and will not reduce the mechanical strength of the cold traps, door panels and other accessories.
(5) Producers are not allowed to add attachments privately. Do not use if the container is of poor quality, as it is very dangerous to burst the container when lyophilized.
(6) Do not use the lyophilizer in areas where there is a risk of explosion.
(7) Do not hit or move the vacuum freeze dryer during use, and do not rest or rest on it.
(8) Do not place potentially dangerous objects, such as bottles containing liquids, near the lyophilizer.
(9) Samples that react when lyophilized cannot be dried.
(10) Do not freeze dry or flammable samples.
(11) Infectious, toxic, pathogenic and radioactive substances must be placed in suitable containers to

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