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The use of a pilot in-situ Freeze Dryer  avoids the loss of food nutrients

Release Date: 2020/7/2 10:02:56 .
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  With the development of the pilot in-situ Freeze Dryer , more and more users use it for freeze-drying, but some users who do not understand are afraid to use the device, worrying that using it to freeze-dry food will lose the taste and loss of food Nutrition, so does the use of this device affect these foods? Let’s take a closer look.
  pilot in-situ Freeze Dryer is a kind of food that needs to be hydrated. Common frozen foods include mushroom powder, rice, porridge, vegetable bags, etc.
  Compared with foods that do not require water, the processing of foods that require water is more complicated. In order to prevent the tissue in the tissue from being frozen, some auxiliary materials are often added to protect the cell tissue, such as salt, sugar, milk powder, etc.
  Rehydrated freeze-dried food has the characteristics of light weight, fast rehydration, and excellent color and fragrance. Compared with traditional dry puffed foods, freeze-dried foods have good nutrition and food shape. Compared with canned foods, freeze-dried foods are easier to store, less susceptible to qualitative changes, and cheaper in transportation and storage.
  Will using this equipment destroy the nutrition of food? of course not. Different from the traditional high-temperature drying method, the principle of the food processed by the equipment is to remove the water in the food under low and low pressure conditions, so as not to destroy the nutrients and active substances in the food, maintain its biological activity, and maintain its function, color, Flavor.
  Traditional freeze-drying methods can cause the material to shrink and damage the cells. During the freeze-drying process, the solid components are supported by solid ice, so the structure of the sample is not destroyed. Maintain the product's biochemical structure and activity integrity.
  Compared with traditional drying methods and high-temperature drying equipment, the freeze-drying cycle of this equipment is long, and the cost is also reduced. In short, the pilot in-situ Freeze Dryer  retains the nutritional and physiologically active ingredients of food materials to a greater extent, maintains the freshness of the food, keeps the shape, color and taste of the food unchanged, and extends the shelf life.

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