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The most critical compressor selection method for freeze dryers

Release Date: 2019/8/8 17:41:18 .
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The most critical compressor selection method for freeze dryers
The reason why the freeze dryer can be used is very considerable. In fact, the main reason is also due to the function of the compressor equipment, because the dry compressor is used to reduce the temperature of the compressed air and reduce the water vapor content in the compressed air. Key equipment, so it is necessary to pay more attention and attention during the purchase, in order to effectively ensure the good use of this equipment, then today we will come together to understand about the professional purchasing method of the compressor .
For the most practical equipment, first of all, the most important internal components must be paid more attention and attention, in order to effectively ensure the good use of our equipment, then today we will be here Get up and find out how to buy a compressor.
Under normal circumstances, the water-cooled refrigerating dryer is mainly based on a fully enclosed compressor. Because the power of the fully enclosed compressor is small, the price is relatively cheap; the air-cooled refrigerating dryer generally adopts a semi-closed compressor; the air-cooled refrigerating dryer uses a semi-hermetic compressor, and when selected, ammonia can also be considered. Refrigeration compressors, because ammonia refrigeration compressors have high power and can be used in one machine, but installation and management are cumbersome. In the selection of the evaporator of the refrigerating dryer, the high-temperature refrigerating dryer adopts the cooling fan as the evaporator, which is characterized by fast cooling speed, but it is easy to cause water loss of the cold collection; medium and low temperature refrigerating dryers are not used. The evaporation pipe made of the seam steel pipe is mainly composed of a constant temperature effect and can be stored in a timely manner.
Therefore, when you choose the exact purchase of the compressor components of the freeze dryer, it is necessary to have some understanding and attention. First of all, the practical application and operational efficiency to be mastered is very important. For the introduction of the introduction method, I hope that it can help you to buy it correctly.

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