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How to use a food freeze-drying machine to process lemon slices

Release Date: 2019/7/26 17:35:02 .
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How to use a food freeze-drying machine to process lemon slices
With the improvement of material conditions, people's dietary requirements are also getting higher and higher. The food processed by the food freeze-drying machine, that is, the freeze-dried food, has the greatest advantage except that the shape is unchanged. Lemon lyophilized tablets processed with food freeze-drying machine have no astringency and no bitterness (the lemon contains limonin, which is a very precious product for anti-cancer. The lack of bitterness here does not mean that the lemon itself has no processing. The bitterness of the new fruit is the same as that of the new fruit. Xiaobian personally feels that the frozen lemon slices are better than the new fruit. There is no ordinary sourdock, and no sweetness such as honey is very good. Freeze-dried food. Generally used in aerospace work, not only best preserve the unique color, aroma, taste, shape and various biological active nutrients of lemon fresh fruit, the fragrance is the same as the fresh cut fresh fruit. It is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins and limonin. It has excellent rehydration and no additives. It is a good choice for tea drinking and cooking. The price is of course more expensive than the black-baked dried lemon slices sold by supermarkets. It is rich in 17 kinds of essential vitamins and trace elements such as Vc, Vp, Ve, Vk, Va, Vb, inositol, citric acid, amino acids, protein and minerals.
  One. Freeze-drying is carried out at low temperatures, and proteins, microorganisms and the like do not undergo denaturation or loss of biological activity.
Two. When dried at low temperatures, some of the volatile components in the material are lost.
  three. During the freeze-drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of the enzyme cannot be performed, so that the original trait can be maintained.
Four. After adding water, the dissolution is rapid and complete, and the original trait is almost immediately restored.
  Fives. Since the drying is carried out under vacuum, there is very little oxygen, so some oxidizable substances are protected and the feeling of fresh fruit is always available! ! ! In the office, at home, in the suburbs, you don't have to worry about the long-term corruption of fresh fruit storage, and there is no worry about the wetness of the juice when slicing, not to worry about the storage and preservation of a fresh fruit. Naturally pure, it is the top grade for home health, office and leisure, and hospitality.
Xiaobian suggested eating:
Take one or two pieces into the cup, add sugar to your taste, and brew in warm water (water temperature is best at 40-60 degrees Celsius) for two to three minutes. In case of color change does not affect consumption. It is said that lemon is a woman's fruit. A lemon can make a woman beautiful from the head to the feet - whitening, weight loss, spotting, esthetics, body, hair, wrinkle...
The effect of the freeze-dried lemon slices listed in the small series:
1, VC content is high, VC can prevent and reduce melanin, achieve whitening and beauty effects, enhance the body's immunity, have a very good effect on oral inflammation to prevent colds, and can prevent a variety of diseases. Great for everyone to drink for a long time.
2. Lemon seeds contain valuable limonin, which has anti-cancer effect.
3, lemon has a good degreasing effect, soak a cup of lemon tea in a bowl with oil layer on the bowl wall, and then pour it in half an hour, you will find that the bowl of the lemonade is very clean, the water can be hung evenly in the bowl. One layer on the surface. There are many home oil removal methods. This is also proof of why it has a slimming effect.
4, detoxification effect: clearing a cup of light lemon tea every morning, can effectively clean the stomach detoxification! This is a very good habit, long-lasting, healthy body has been owned since then.
5, lemon tea soaked face, take lemon slices in the evening soaking water, wash your face with lemonade, the skin whitening effect is very good.
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