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Frequently Asked Questions for Each Series of Freeze Dryers

Release Date: 2018/12/22 17:19:03 .
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Frequently Asked Questions for Each Series of Freeze Dryers
The main purpose of the bench-top type Freeze Dryers is to remove the solvent (usually water) from soluble or dispersible materials. The freeze-drying process of bench-top type Freeze Dryer is a way to retain active substances from unstable solvents.
The bench-top type Freeze Dryer can also be used to separate and recover volatile materials and to purify substances. The basic steps are:
1. Freezing: Freezing materials, which provide a necessary condition for low temperature drying.
2. Vacuum: The frozen material needs to be in a vacuum environment. This will ensure that the frozen liquid in the material is directly vaporized without passing through the liquid. This process is a physical sublimation.
3. Heating: The purpose of heating to the lyophilized product is to accelerate the rate of sublimation.
4. Adsorption: The cryotrap converts steam into a solid by a vacuum pump, which completes the drying process of the product.
Frequently Asked Questions for Each Series of Freeze Dryers
1, floor type Freeze Dryer circulating pump has a serious fault
Answer: The floor type Freeze Dryer Circulating Pump is more prone to failure. The module enters the water and burns the module. The more serious the motor may burn out. To prevent condensate from entering the module, a short circuit is caused. The module is usually coated with 704 sealant to prevent water from entering. In addition, we keep the entire circulating pump warm and protect it, and the condensate will be less.
Floor type Freeze Dryer technicians suggest that two circulating pumps should be operated in turn. It is best not to run one pump all the time. One batch of medicine can be used for one operation, and the other batch can be operated by another one. It is much smaller.
2, leaking vacuum
Answer: There are many reasons for the vacuum leakage of the lab equipment vacuum freeze dryer. Many of the problems have been mentioned before. The problem that this customer has is mainly due to the vacuum leakage caused by the looseness of the header flange bolts. Due to thermal expansion and contraction during refrigeration and steam sterilization, the bolts are loose and the seal is not pressed tightly, resulting in vacuum leakage. The lab equipment vacuum freeze dryer technicians suggest that users should check frequently, check more, and find problems early in the usual use process to avoid some problems.
3, lab equipment freeze dryer multiple occurrences of pipeline leakage, pipeline welding quality is not good, easy to leak
A: Lab equipment freeze dryer refrigeration system leakage problem, several users mentioned earlier, there are many factors of leakage. The most important thing is to minimize the vibration under the existing conditions, and add some vibration-damping brackets to better avoid this phenomenon.
4, the vacuum is small
A: The problem with the vacuum equipment of the Industrial vacuum freeze dryer is that we design the configuration according to the design requirements and the reference product price, according to the requirements of the contract, basically satisfying the use.
5, pilot in-situ Freeze Dryer hydraulic system drop and lift adjustment is not accurate
Answer: The adjustment of the rise and fall of the hydraulic system is mainly controlled by adjusting the relief valve. The relief valve rotates clockwise at a slower speed and counterclockwise.
6, pilot Freeze Dryer refrigeration system high pressure, pipeline leakage
Answer: The high pressure of the refrigeration system is likely due to the leakage of the low pressure pipeline and the inhalation of air into the pipeline, resulting in high pressure and high refrigeration system. The leakage of the low-pressure pipe is mainly due to the looseness of the connecting nut at both ends of the expansion valve, as well as the weak parts of some welded parts and copper pipes. These parts cause leakage due to vibration, jitter or other factors after the machine has been used for a long time. The pilot Freeze Dryer technician advises the customer to pay attention to these parts during normal use, check frequently, find early solutions, and not affect production.
7, the circulating pump module is broken
A: The in-situ Freeze Dryer's circulation pump module is broken, the most common is the module's water intake. Now using 704 sealant and heat treatment, it is recommended to use a circulating pump in turn. If it is a quality problem of the module itself, it has to be replaced by the manufacturer.

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