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With it, blueberries are not afraid of bad

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With it, blueberries are not afraid of bad

This program is based on the Blueberry Vacuum Freeze Dryer (Blueberry Freeze Dryer) and belongs to the production type freeze dryer.



Blueberry is a perishable berry that is consumed in the United States and has high economic value and healthy nutrients. It is a good source of many antioxidants, such as anthocyanins. Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients. It not only has good nutrition and health care functions, but also has functions such as preventing brain nerve aging, strengthening heart, anti-cancer softening blood vessels, and enhancing human body immunity. In addition to conventional sugar, acid and Vc, the fruit is rich in VE, VA, VB, SOD, arbutin, protein, anthocyanin, dietary fiber and rich mineral elements such as K, Fe, Zn and Ca.


Due to the strong seasonality and short shelf life of blueberries, it is easy to deteriorate at room temperature, which makes the edible and nutrient components drop significantly. The freeze-dried blueberries are pure and natural without added, thus better retaining the nutrition of raw blueberries.

The lyophilized blueberry maintains the color, aroma and taste of the blueberry, and the color is bright, the taste is crisp, and the blueberry flavor is rich, sweet and sour, which can be eaten as a finished product or further processed after rehydration. Freeze-dried blueberries have broad market prospects.

Scientific basis: freeze-dried blueberries are better than hot-dried blueberries

There are great differences in fruit tissue structure, rehydration, and active ingredients in vacuum freeze-dried and hot-air dried products.

Comparison of rehydration: In this study, it was found that vacuum freeze-dried blueberry pulp has many pores and loose structure, and the hot air dried blueberry pulp has less pores and dense tissue structure. The vacuum freeze-dried blueberry had good rehydration. After 20 min rehydration, the rehydration ratio was 2.15 g/g; the hot air dried blueberry had poor rehydration, and the rehydration ratio at the end was 1.21 g/g.

Comparison of nutrient composition: vacuum freeze-drying kept the active ingredients of blueberry better, and the content of VC, total anthocyanin and total phenol in dried fruits were 5.52 mg/100 g, 1.55 mg/g and 3.35 mg/g, respectively; The contents of the dry blueberry extract were 0.19 mg/100 g, 0.08 mg/g and 1.26 mg/g, respectively. Vacuum freeze-drying can maintain the higher active ingredients of blueberries.

These differences provide a theoretical basis for the preparation of high quality blueberry dry products and industrial production.

Blueberry vacuum freeze drying production line

Due to technical problems, this freeze-dried blueberry production line only involves some content. For more related freeze-dried product solutions, please contact Shanghai Tianfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. (not customized, product solutions).

Process flow

Freeze-dried blueberry production line: selection - cleaning - draining - lyophilization - screening - packaging.

1 pick

First of all, we should choose the fruit with the appropriate maturity, rich flavor, fresh color, high sugar content, no disease and no decay.

2 cleaning

Once the blueberry ingredients are ready, they can be cleaned. Wash away the waxy and harmful microorganisms attached to the peel, and also have a disinfecting effect.

After the cleaning, it shines with a clean luster and exudes a rich fruity aroma. The blueberry will officially enter the processing process and will turn into a delicious freeze-dried blueberry.

3 drain

The washed blueberry fruit is placed neatly in a clean tray, drained with a device or in a naturally ventilated environment, in order to drain the excess moisture from the fruit surface.

4 freeze-dried

Vacuum freeze-drying: The blueberry was pre-cooled and frozen, and placed in a lyophilizer vacuum chamber for drying. The vacuum was about 10 Pa, the cold trap temperature was -82 °C, and the final moisture content of the blueberry was (5 ± 1)%.

5 screening

Remove the dried blueberries from the tray and then select the uniform blueberry dried fruit.

6 packaging

Choose good quality dried fruit in a non-toxic plastic bag, and pack it according to market demand, such as 100g, 150g, 500g, put 100g and 150g plastic bags into the trademark In the fruit box, there is an expiration date and an inspector number. The stored product can be stored in a cool, dry place and ready to go on the market.

If you have blueberry freeze-dried powder, crush the freeze-dried blueberries or the freeze-dried blueberries that are not good-selling, and grind them into powder!

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