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Probiotic products freeze-dried

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Probiotics are a group of active microorganisms that are beneficial to the host and are active microorganisms that colonize the human intestine and reproductive system, can produce definite health effects, thereby improving the host's microecological balance and playing a beneficial role. The beneficial bacteria or fungi in human body and animal body mainly include Clostridium butyricum, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, actinomycetes, and yeast. The most powerful products currently researched in the world are mainly composite active probiotics composed of various types of microorganisms, which are widely used in bio-engineering, industrial and agricultural, food safety, and life and health fields.

Probiotics is a species suitable for survival in low temperature environments. In March 2001, the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China issued the Law of the People's Republic of China (Junfa) No. 84 (2001). Article 10 of the review criteria for probiotics health food clearly states that: Form probiotic health food products live bacteria products, because probiotics have been scientifically tested and certified liquid survival is very difficult, and probiotics are afraid of water, so consumers must choose to refrigerate transport when buying probiotics, or in supermarket freezer refrigeration Probiotics in the cabinet are powdered, while other liquid beverages and network-produced probiotics that are not refrigerated are very low.


Internationally, the definition of a probiotic is that only a living microbial strain with a sufficient amount and beneficial to the host can be called a probiotic. People often use "three criteria" to judge whether probiotic yoghurt is effective.

The strain determines efficacy. All probiotics are divided into three levels according to genera, species, and strains. The effect of probiotics is based on the "strain". Take Bifidobacterium animalis B for example, Bifidobacterium is a genus, Bifidobacterium animalis is a species, and DN-173010 is a strain. The improvement of the digestive system by Bifidobacterium animalis DN173010 does not mean that all Bifidobacteria have the same efficacy.

The activity is the key. The body's digestive tract environment is very complex. Strains that survive after gastric acid, bile, and other conditions can reach the large intestine to exert its effects. One million is valid. The lactic acid bacteria standard in China clearly stipulates that the number of viable bacteria in yogurt should reach 1 million per milliliter. Otherwise, the amount of live bacteria that eventually reach the large intestine cannot be guaranteed, and there is no guarantee of efficacy.

Due to the properties of probiotics, probiotics are processed in a way that can only be achieved by freeze-drying equipment. Freeze-drying is performed at a low temperature and is therefore particularly suitable for heat-sensitive substances such as probiotics. In the process of freeze-drying, the malignant mutations, bacteria, etc. of the probiotics cannot be performed, and thus the original characteristics of the probiotics can be maintained. Freeze-dried probiotic lyophilized powder is porous and spongy. It dissolves quickly and completely, and almost immediately restores its original properties. Freeze-drying is performed under vacuum with very little oxygen and the probiotic activity can be fully protected. Freeze-drying can eliminate more than 95-99% of water, and the dried probiotic product can be stored for a long time without inactivation or deterioration.





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