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What are the advantages of a laboratory freeze dryer used in a laboratory over conventional methods?
The laboratory freeze dryer uses the physical principle to freeze the moisture in the compressed air to below the dew point, so that it can be precipitated from the air....
Analysis on the drying principle of freeze dryer
I believe everyone is familiar with freeze dryers. Such a machine that integrates freezing and drying has been favored by most experiments. The principle of freeze drying of freeze dryers is actually not complicated. Freezing and drying are divided into two processes. ...
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Industrial vacuum freeze dryer is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrument control system. ...
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Analysis of periodic inspection and maintenance methods of pilot freeze dryer
Repair and eliminate the leakage and failure of the refrigeration system, vacuum system and heating system, and check whether the indicators of the pilot freeze dryer are in a normal state;...
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Songyuan Huaxing food series freeze dryer foreign users - Turkey

Release Date: 2017/7/17 14:40:05 .
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   July 06, 2017 Songyuan Huaxing Food Series freeze dryer LG-10, LGJ-30FD, Turkey users to complete the installation and commissioning. The performance of the equipment has been fully recognized by users. The finished product of the freeze-dried equipment has achieved the expected results in terms of appearance, taste and nutrition.


Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and specializes in the R&D, production and sales of vacuum freeze-drying technology products. Its core product is the “vacuum freeze dryer”. Formed three series of products and targeted solutions for scientific research experiment, medical, food industry, different scales, different applications, is the influential vacuum freeze-drying equipment and targeted solution provider in China.

The process of the growth of Beijing Songyuan Huaxing is the process of serving customers and continuing with customers. We work hard and make every effort to meet every challenge with confidence.


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