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Freezer dryer tips

Release Date: 2017/7/12 14:02:25 .
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The freeze dryer is mainly a combination of a refrigeration system and a vacuum system and a heating system including an electrical control system. Since freeze-drying, there will certainly be a dry box and a refrigeration unit. Of course there are some other components. In fact, there are many ways to dry, such as drying, boiling or vacuum drying and so on. The material used for the transparent door of the drying warehouse is aerospace acrylic, which belongs to a high-strength material and does not leak. And this has a partition freezing function. Under normal circumstances, freeze dryers use international brand-name compressors, so the overall operating efficiency is relatively stable, and the noise is very small.
Many products need to be dried during production, so they will be used in freeze dryers, but in order to effectively ensure the quality of products, we will use different drying equipment for different products, so that the use of suitable drying The method of drying can effectively guarantee the relevant performance of the product. Among the many types of drying equipment, freeze dryers are a widely used type and are used in the production of many products, especially in some food production industries. Compared to other equipment of the same type, the freeze dryer has a lot of superior performance.
Freeze dryer must pay attention to several issues during use, only to note that it can be used better, to avoid the emergence of safety hazards, the following let Xiao Bian for everyone to explain in detail about the use of freeze dryer during use .
The first point is the inspection work before the freeze dryer operation, not only need to check the parts, but also need to check the air inside the freeze dryer, it needs to be guaranteed to use clean without any air, otherwise it will affect the drying effect.
The second point is the load problem of the freeze dryer. When the freeze dryer is used, it cannot be placed in the material first. It should be waited until it is warmed up for a period of time before it can be placed. The use of the machine under load will cause malfunction. occur.
The third issue is the operation of the freeze dryer. When the freeze dryer automatically shuts down during operation, it will take three minutes before it can be turned on. It must not be started immediately. Failure to do so may result in a malfunction. The automatic shutdown phenomenon is definitely an internal problem. Therefore, it is necessary to wait. It may be due to an internal load phenomenon. Only after waiting for a while to start up can you use it better.
Today's vacuum freeze-drying technology has had a lot of technical advantages. In many cases, people can achieve good work results and effects through the use of freeze dryers. Today's freeze dryers are not only widely used in the fields of medicine, biological products, food, blood products, and active substances, but also hot melt machines are used in other places.

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