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What are the technical characteristics of the in-situ vacuum freeze dryer?

Release Date: 2019/7/5 16:56:02 .
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The in-situ vacuum freeze dryer adopts air-cooled condensing refrigeration system. The cold trap can be pre-frozen, stainless steel structure and transparent drying chamber, which is convenient for observing the whole process of freeze-drying. With shelf heating programmable control, PID adjustment, precise temperature control, human-machine interface using large-screen LCD touch screen, in the form of curves and data, at the same time provide users with more information about the freeze-drying process, and with host computer communication interface.
In-situ vacuum freeze dryer use:
In-situ lyophilization changes the cumbersome operation of the past drying process, prevents material contamination, automates drying and sublimation, and is suitable for a small number of sample freeze-drying experiments.
In-situ vacuum freeze dryer technical features:
1. The electronically controlled defrosting system is easy to operate and has high defrosting efficiency.
2. The in-situ structure of the square warehouse is adopted, and the pre-freezing and drying are completed in situ.
3, can set the user level and password, decentralized operation management.
4, gas guiding technology, cold trap ice trapping uniform, strong ice-capturing ability.
5. The shelf temperature fuzzy control system can control the shelf rise and temperature drop rate under the slope control state.
6. The drying chamber door is made of acrylic material, which is colorless, transparent and can be observed in the whole process of lyophilization.
7. The pneumatic (discharge) valve adopts a safety diaphragm valve, which can be connected to an inert gas source. After drying, it is filled with inert gas to extend the shelf life of the material.
8. The low-viscosity silicone oil in the shelf controls the temperature rise and fall, the temperature control precision is high, the shelf temperature difference is ≤1°C, and the drying effect is uniform.
9, 7-inch true color industrial embedded touch screen + freeze dryer dedicated PLC control system.
10. Compressor and double-machine cascade cooling, the temperature of the cold trap can reach -80 °C, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life and low noise.
11, powerful sensor calibration function to ensure the accuracy of long-term use of measured values.
12, flexible manual + automatic control mode, manual groping process, automatic batch production.
13, real-time alarm display and historical alarm query function, convenient fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.
14. The professional design of the control system can save hundreds of freeze-drying process recipes. Each recipe can set 36 temperature control sections to improve the process optimization rate.
15. Intelligent data recording system, which can query historical curves and historical records, and can modify the storage cycle and data record U disk export in real time.

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