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Repair and eliminate the leakage and failure of the refrigeration system, vacuum system and heating system, and check whether the indicators of the pilot freeze dryer are in a normal state;...
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What is the difference between benchtop freeze dryers?

Release Date: 2018/10/17 17:53:21 .
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  Song Yuan has had client demand for a value effective high performance bench-top manifold freeze appliance / lyophilizer. The benchtop freeze dryers takes a market established style and has accessorial the foremost advanced microchip management accessible on a bench-top unit.
  The Freeze appliance / Lyophilizer boasts a 2L per twenty four hour condensation rate. For water primarily based samples, the -53 C condenser is that the good selection and for samples containing solvents or with low mixture points the -85 C condenser provides most performance.
  benchtop freeze dryers square measure designed for lyophilising light-weight to moderate sample hundreds. The compact style is good for laboratories with restricted floor house.
  Consistent, prime quality results with versatile programming, and on board knowledge assortment
  difficult samples square measure straightforward with accessories designed specifically for laboratory samples
  Brushed chrome steel and ice mass white, powder-coated steel exterior with blue accents
  End-Zone? finish purpose detection choice takes the guess estimate of sample status
  PTFE-coated collector coil and chamber for process involving corrosive compounds
  wetness sensing element that stops refrigeration or vacuum start-up once wetness is detected within the drain line
  Lyo-Works? OS provides a true time show of collector temperature and vacuum level on a full color bit screen. One-touch knowledge work and show provides info to maximise sample quality and minimise run time. Customisable settings embody language, time zone, temperature and vacuum. Alerts and feedback of current in operation parameters may be sent mechanically to user-entered email addresses. A wetness sensing element prevents refrigeration or vacuum start-up once wetness is detected within the drain line.
  Collectors that reach —50 °C square measure accessible with capacities from two,5 to 18 l. Freeze dryers with collector capacities that reach –84 °C square measure ideal for freeze drying samples with low mixture temperatures as well as ones containing acetonitrile. FreeZone? four,5 l freeze dryers even have capacities that reach –105 °C, that square measure appropriate for samples containing dilute wood alcohol and plant product.
  Ordering information: air pump with a displacement of a minimum of ninety eight litres per minute, 0,002 mbar final pressure and fitting appropriate for 3/4” ID vacuum hose, receptacle appliance or alternative drying accent and freeze dry glasswork (if not bulk freeze drying) aren't furnished with the freeze appliance, please order these one by one. Please contact Song Yuan for more details.

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