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What is the process of vacuum freeze drying of Dendrobium candidum?

Release Date: 2018/10/12 18:01:01 .
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What is the process of vacuum freeze drying of Dendrobium candidum?
  Since the 1980s, packaging technology that uses fresh air to preserve food has developed rapidly. Because this kind of packaging not only has the oxygen-free food to make the food not easy to rot and deteriorate, the body and the inflatable package can not be harmed by insects and inhibit mold growth, can improve and extend the freshness and storage time of the food, and the packaging equipment is mostly simple in structure. Easy to operate. The price is low, the plastic packaging materials used are low in cost, beautiful in appearance, easy to popularize, and there are many types of foods in vacuum packaging, such as mustard, kohlrabi, kelp, sausage, pheasant, roast duck, soy products, milk powder, malted milk, and the like. Due to the long time between the harvest and the retail process, the loss is serious and the sales price is easy to increase. The promotion of the direct-emptive packaging process will reduce the price of fresh products and the refrigerating cost, thus alleviating the supply and demand. The contradiction between them, so vacuum preservation will become a market with great potential and be active in people's lives.
  The most drought-drying technology of vacuum freeze dryers appeared in the early 20th century and has developed rapidly in recent years. This is because it has many advantages over conventional hot selenium, hot air drying, infrared drying, and high frequency drying. Since the freezing process is to freeze the dried material first, then evacuate. The water that has been frozen into ice in the material is directly sublimated without being subjected to a liquid state. Therefore, the product after lyophilization can not only exhibit a porous state but maintain its original shape, so that it is easy to return to its original state after adding water, and low temperature drying can also prevent it. The material is thermally decomposed. At the same time, since the dried material in the vacuum atmosphere is free from oxidation, the physical, chemical and biological properties of the dried product can be substantially unchanged. The application range of vacuum freeze dry operation is expanding year by year.
  Process flow of vacuum freeze drying of Dendrobium candidum
  1. Pick the stems of Dendrobium officinale without pests and diseases, clean them with running water, and classify them according to the length of 1.5~2 cm. The enzyme was deactivated by hot water, and according to the preliminary test, the treatment temperature was selected to be 85 ° C, and the treatment time was 4-6 min. The greening treatment was carried out while blanching, pH 7.5 was adjusted and the crispy preparation was added.
  2, then cool with cold water to drain the surface of the attached water.
  3. Then, the stem segments of Dendrobium candidum are laid flat in the material tray, and the thickness is required to be uniform. Since the amount of charge is related to the sublimation drying time, the set charge amounts are 2.70, 3.89, 5.35, 7.90, and 9.6 kg/m2, respectively.
  4. First pre-freeze treatment, first determine the eutectic point and eutectic point of Dendrobium candidum, set the freezing temperature and time.
  5. Perform sublimation drying treatment, first adjust the cold trap to a temperature of 60 ° C, then start the vacuum pump to a vacuum of 20 Pa, and then start to give sublimation heat.
  6. Set the temperature to 55 °C according to the pre-test. In the following analytical drying treatment, the degree of vacuum is kept constant, and the heating temperature is appropriately lowered in order to keep the nutrient active ingredient of Dendrobium candidum from being destroyed by high temperature, and the maximum temperature allowed in the analytical drying stage is 45 °C. When the measured material temperature and the shelf temperature tend to coincide, it is the drying end point. The machine vacuum is removed, and the Dendrobium candidum is removed, and the polyester case is vacuum-packed in a dry and clean environment.

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