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What are the advantages of a laboratory freeze dryer used in a laboratory over conventional methods?
The laboratory freeze dryer uses the physical principle to freeze the moisture in the compressed air to below the dew point, so that it can be precipitated from the air....
Analysis on the drying principle of freeze dryer
I believe everyone is familiar with freeze dryers. Such a machine that integrates freezing and drying has been favored by most experiments. The principle of freeze drying of freeze dryers is actually not complicated. Freezing and drying are divided into two processes. ...
How to properly maintain an industrial vacuum freeze dryer?
Industrial vacuum freeze dryer is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrument control system. ...
What is the control system of industrial vacuum freeze dryer?
The control system of industrial vacuum freeze dryer is the command mechanism of the whole machine....
Analysis of periodic inspection and maintenance methods of pilot freeze dryer
Repair and eliminate the leakage and failure of the refrigeration system, vacuum system and heating system, and check whether the indicators of the pilot freeze dryer are in a normal state;...
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How to choose freeze dryer supplier?

Release Date: 2018/10/12 18:00:50 .
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How to choose freeze dryer supplier
  Song Yuan is one of the professional large scaled freeze dryer suppliers in China. The freeze dryers manufactured is for industrial or commercial freeze drying process. From the size, there are small freeze dryers, medium freeze dryers and large freeze dryers. From the purpose of use, there are home freeze dryers, laboratory freeze dryers, food freeze dryers, pharmaceutical freeze dryers and a special freeze dryer for flowers. To keep a nice shape, the flower could not be lie on the trays or shelf, so the freeze dryer for flowers shall be with holes to allow the flowers to stand up. Take economics and efficiency into account, one supplier could not be focused on all kinds of freeze dryers manufacturing. Therefore, there are home freeze dryer supplier, laboratory freeze dryer supplier, food freeze dryer supplier and pharmaceutical freeze dryer supplier. As the difference of the freeze drying application, the manufacturing standard is different. The structure would be different; the freeze drying time would be different; the freeze drying operation would be different; the quality of freeze dried products would be different. As one of the biggest China freeze dryer suppliers, Song Yuan mainly supply lab freeze dryer, food freeze dryer, commercial/industrial freeze dryer, small freeze dryer. Those freeze dryers are big freeze dryers, suitable for production. To find the most cost effective freeze dryer supplier or cheapest freeze dryer supplier from China, you may consult us, because we know the advantage and disadvantage of each freeze dryer supplier in China.Our freeze dryer price has always been very cheap, and the function is very complete, you are welcome to inquire!
  We Song Yuan is the manufacturer and supplier of Freezing Dryer (lyophilizer) in China; As professional manufacturer & supplier of Freezing Dryer (lyophilizer) in China, our freeze drying machine meets with CE/ISO certificate and GMP standard, and it is widely used in medicline, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry, food production and etc, Goods are easier for long-term preservation after freezing-drying processing. There can be restored to the original state and maintain its chemical and biological characteristics after being watered. You can choose lab, pilot and production(industry) type freeze dryer in our product range.
  Description of the structure of the freeze dryer:
  The freeze dryer mainly consists of refrigeration system, vacuum system, circulation system, control system, hydraulic system and so on.
  The freeze-drying machine refrigeration system includes: compressor, filter, pipe, solenoid valve, expansion valve, condenser, cold trap, oil, etc.
  The freeze-drying machine circulation system includes: circulating pump, balance bucket, heat exchanger, shelf and so on
  Vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps, vacuum pipes, front and rear tanks, valves
  Freeze dryer control system is mainly refers to the control cabinet freeze dryer hydraulic system is the name suggests that the hydraulic station driven by a plug system.

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