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General Purpose Freeze Dryer is ideal for a wide range of very low moisture products

Release Date: 2018/10/11 18:01:06 .
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General Purpose Freeze Dryer is ideal for a wide range of very low moisture products
 The General Purpose Freeze Dryer is available in 25 and 35 Liter configurations. Condenser refrigeration packages of -53 or -85C allow you to configure the most economical system for your products The GPFD is available in 2 to 5 shelf configurations with optional programmable heat.
  The is ideal for bulky products such as artifacts/documents where low energy input is required and long freeze drying cycles are common. It is also ideal for large quantities of very low moisture products.
  Virtis General Purpose Freeze Dryers are ideal for a variety of freeze drying applications and are available in a range of sizes.
  Song Yuan Hua Xing  has been developing and manufacturing freeze drying equipment. Their systems are highly respected for their quality of construction and robustness, which ensures a minimum of maintenance requirements. All freeze dryers are manufactured under ISO 9001 accreditation, and full validation packages such as FAT & IQOQ, can be supplied.
  Each system allows operators to control important processing aspects, as highlighted, below:
  Shelf temperature – accurate for both positive and negative temperatures
  Pressure – an upper limit can be added to that particular step/recipe, to help drive more efficient drying
  Multiple drying steps: minimises the risk of poor product quality, post-drying
  Product Freezing-in-situ: While many may prefer to freeze material externally, for some products the ability to freeze within the machine in a controlled manner is preferred
  The Chamber is mounted within an enclosed stainless steel SUS304 (SUS316 is an option) frame with 4 casters wheel ( 2 for lock) to easy to move. All equipments such as Vacuum pump, refrigeration unit, control system are mounted within the frame.
  All machines are tested from factory before delivery
  New standards lead to technological change
  Under this circumstance, domestically failed certified pharmaceutical companies will face two options, stop production or transformation. If the transformation is chosen, the company will invest a lot of money to update the equipment, which will require higher standards for pharmaceutical machinery that produces sterile medicines. Therefore, this has also led to changes in the pharmaceutical industry. For pharmaceutical machinery companies, meeting the market test and meeting new requirements is both an opportunity and a challenge.
  According to the researcher of the pharmaceutical industry of China Merchants Securities, the new GMP has increased the requirements for sterility, which puts higher requirements on the isolation and automation of pharmaceutical equipment. According to statistics, for the 1000-1200 stock freeze-drying production lines currently in operation in China, more than 90% of the freeze-dried products of domestic pharmaceutical factories still use manual feeding and discharging. In the next few years, the market share of automatic discharge systems and aseptic isolation devices will increase, that is to say, freeze-drying system equipment consisting of three major devices: freeze dryer, aseptic isolation system and automatic feeding and discharging system will appear in the future. Significant growth.
  Intense market competition, strong demand in the downstream industry
  According to statistics from the China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, at present, 20% of the chemical preparations in China are freeze-dried preparations, and the proportion of freeze-dried medicines in biological products is 30%, and the proportion is still increasing. The domestic manufacturers of freeze-dried drugs have grown from the six major biological products research institutes directly under the Ministry of Health, provincial and municipal level or some regional biopharmaceutical plants and veterinary medicinal biological products factories to nearly 100 production enterprises. The rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry will drive the rapid development of the freeze-drying system industry.
  In addition, with the production of APIs in developed countries in Europe and the United States gradually shifting to emerging market countries such as China and India, emerging market pharmaceutical companies not only need to expand the scale of freeze-drying production lines, but also need to improve the technical level of freeze-drying systems to meet the requirements of international GMP regulations. This has also driven the demand for freeze-drying systems.

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