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Do these things in the process of using Lyophilizer, there are many benefits

Release Date: 2020/8/20 11:24:45 .
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  Lyophilizer adopts food dehydration processing technology. Compared with common drying methods, the freeze-dried food produced by vacuum freeze-drying technology has a long shelf life, good rehydration, and good color, aroma, taste and nutrition. Features. The volume and shape of the dried food are basically unchanged, the substance is sponge-like, and there is no shrinkage. It can be widely used in vegetables, fruits, condiments, aquatic products, biopharmaceuticals, medicines, beverages, specimens and other fields.
  During the use of Lyophilizer, whether it is for the use rate or the safety of use, we need to pay attention to some matters during the use:
  1. The surface area of the sample should be expanded as much as possible when preparing the sample, and it must not contain acid-base substances and volatile organic solvents;
  2. The sample must be completely frozen into ice, if there is residual liquid, it will cause vaporization and ejection;
  3. Note that the cold trap is about minus 65 degrees, it can be used as a low-temperature refrigerator, but you must wear insulation gloves to prevent frostbite;
  4. Before starting the vacuum pump, check whether the water outlet valve is tightened, whether the inflation valve is closed, whether the contact surface of the plexiglass cover and the rubber ring is clean, free of dirt, and well sealed;
  5. Under normal circumstances, the machine should not be used continuously for more than 48 hours;
  6. During the freezing process, the temperature of the sample is gradually reduced, and the sample can be taken out to warm up for a period of time (still in a frozen state), and continue to be dried to shorten the drying time.
  For the operation of Lyophilizer, since it has a good start, it is natural not to be sloppy when shutting down and shutting down. It is also necessary to follow the correct steps to shut down.
  1. Insert the quick inflation valve connector into the quick inflation valve seat, and turn off the "vacuum pump" power switch at the same time to allow air to slowly enter the cold hydrazine; if inert gas needs to be filled, connect the inert gas decompression tube to the "inflation port" ;
  2. Turn off the "Vacuum Gauge" and "Refrigerator" and unplug the power cord if it is not used for a long time;
  3. Lift the plexiglass cover, take out the items, save, and freeze-drying is over;
  4. After the ice in the cold hydrazine is turned into water, the water needs to be drained from the quick inflation valve port, and the operation is similar to aeration;
  5. Clean up the moisture and impurities in cold hydrazine, and properly maintain the equipment;
  6. For multi-manifold type, the rubber valves should be closed one by one and the freeze-dried bottles should be removed, and then the shutdown operation should be repeated.

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