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How to choose a lab freeze dryer ?

Release Date: 2020/8/13 9:06:32 .
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  Lab freeze dryer  is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses heat energy to reduce the moisture of materials, and is used to dry objects. The dryer vaporizes and escapes the moisture (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) in the material by heating to obtain a solid material with a specified moisture content. The purpose of drying is for material use or further processing.
  ①The original shape of the material: particles, powders, particles, sludge, crystals, liquids, pastes, suspensions, solutions, continuous flakes, thick plates, irregular materials (small or large), sticky or massive, etc.
  ②Average output continuous operation feeding amount or finished product, intermittent operation feeding amount or finished product and its adjustment range, etc.
  ③The average particle size, particle size distribution, particle density, bulk density, rehydration, etc. of finished particles.
  ④The moisture content of material inlet and outlet is dry basis and wet basis.Lab freeze dryer
  ⑤Material properties Chemistry, biochemistry, microbial activity, heat sensitivity (melting point, glass transition temperature), moisture absorption isotherm (equilibrium moisture content), etc.
  ⑥The influence of drying time, drying curve and operating parameters.
  ⑦ Heater contact method (direct, indirect).
  ⑧ Fuel selection steam, coal, electricity, oil, gas.
  ⑨ Drying auxiliary equipment fan, dry dust collector, wet dust collector, feeder, discharger, finished product cooling and conveying device, etc.
  ⑩Special requirements for constituent materials, corrosiveness, toxicity, non-hydrophilic solution, flammable and explosive limits, ignition point, color, structure, and fragrance requirements.
  ⑩ Drying system The area of drying equipment and auxiliary equipment. Equipment installation and debugging process and general requirements.Lab freeze dryer

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