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Recommended for use in the lab! Small freeze dryer

Release Date: 2018/11/30 15:46:19 .
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Recommended for use in the lab! Small freeze dryer
The small freeze dryer is a kind of vacuum freeze dryer. Because of its small size, it is suitable for freeze-drying of samples of conventional medicines, food, chemicals, new materials, etc., and is widely used in laboratories and scientific research places.
Small freeze dryers can be divided into bench and vertical. Both desktop and vertical small freeze dryers are available in a common, gland-type, multi-manifold type.
The advantages and disadvantages of small desktop freeze dryers and small vertical freeze dryers are as follows:
The small desktop freeze-drying machine has a small volume, light weight and small freeze-drying area. It is about 0.07-0.12 square meters, and is generally equipped with a 4-layer material tray and the material rack can be adjusted. The condensation temperature is generally -50 degrees. Plated materials can be observed with a transparent bell-type acrylic barrel. Both the material is pre-frozen and dried, and the small desktop lyophilizer can not be pre-frozen by -80 degrees due to internal space constraints.
The small vertical lyophilizer generally has a freeze-drying area of ​​0.11-0.27 square. Due to the relatively large internal space, the condensation temperature can reach -80 degrees. Moreover, due to the large internal space and good heat dissipation, the compressor and the control circuit are slow to age. Conducive to long-term operation of the equipment and its life.
Recommended for use in the lab! Small in-situ vacuum freeze dryer
The laboratory small-scale freeze dryer adopts air-cooled condensing refrigeration system. The cold trap can be pre-frozen, stainless steel structure and transparent drying chamber, which is convenient for observing the whole process of freeze-drying. With shelf heating programmable control, PID adjustment, precise temperature control, human-machine interface with large-screen LCD touch screen, in the form of curves and data, at the same time provide users with more information about the freeze-drying process, and with the host computer communication interface.
Freeze in situ. It changes the cumbersome operation of the past drying process, prevents the pollution of materials, realizes the automation of dry sublimation, and is suitable for a small number of sample freeze-drying experiments.
This series is optional: normal type, gland type.
● Ordinary type - the sample is pre-frozen in the sample tray and dried;
● Gland type - the vial containing the sample is pre-frozen and dried. After the drying is finished, the cap is manually closed under vacuum, which is equivalent to vacuum packaging;
Technical features:
■It adopts imported fully enclosed refrigeration unit with low temperature and strong water catching capacity.
■Using air cooling to dissipate heat, no water cooling, energy saving and no geographical use;
■The vacuum connection adopts international common standard parts, which is easy to disassemble and install, and the sealing performance is reliable;
■The temperature of the cold trap and the vacuum of the sample are all displayed by LED digital display, which is simple and clear;
■Specially designed touch soft keys enable quick and accurate implementation of each function setting, making operation simple and convenient;
■Specially designed stainless steel sample holder, the common sample tray spacing is adjustable, and the number of layers is freely set;
■ High-quality stainless steel cold traps and countertops, clean and hygienic, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.
In the domestic market, it has been concerned by customers from different fields, such as individual micro-business, food deep processing factory, family, Chinese herbal medicine growers, Cordyceps, and Jinhua tea merchants. In the early stage of the Cordyceps harvesting season, the small freeze dryer was well received by the Sichuan and Qinghai Cordyceps producers.

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