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Why lyophilizer are used in the field of beauty and cosmetics

Release Date: 2018/11/27 17:53:36 .
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Why lyophilizer are used in the field of beauty and cosmetics

The advantages and market prospects of the lyophilizer in the field of beauty and cosmetics biology! Freeze dryer manufacturer/supplier Beijing Songyuan Huaxing summarizes for you as follows:

1. After entering the 21st century, with the improvement of people's living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for the quality of consumer goods, and environmental protection and health awareness have been further strengthened;

2. With the continuous development of science and technology, beauty cosmetics have also entered the era of biological science, and due to the in-depth application of cell science in dermatology, beauty technology has achieved rapid development and freeze-drying machines can be kept dry at low temperatures. The original active substances of cosmetics, more and more biologically active substances are used in the cosmetics industry;

3, the drawbacks of traditional cosmetics, traditional skin care products are mineral oil, natural extracts, antioxidants and other exogenous substances as raw materials, focusing on the external nutrition of the skin and cover the aging skin, can not enhance the cells Its own vitality, can not promote the synthesis of important substances in the skin to change the quality of the skin;

4, lyophilizer technology itself, because vacuum freeze-drying technology is carried out at low temperatures, it is especially suitable for many heat-sensitive substances. Substances such as proteins and microorganisms do not undergo denaturation or loss of biological activity during lyophilization. In addition, since the drying is carried out under vacuum, there is little oxygen, so that some easily oxidizable substances are protected. During the lyophilization process, the loss in the material is small, and the growth of the microorganisms and the action of the enzyme cannot be performed, so that the original trait can be maintained;

5. Freeze-drying machine is widely used in the field of beauty and cosmetics. In view of these advantages of freeze-drying technology, it can be applied to the following aspects: preservation of biological tissues, production of biochemical products; production of various fine powders in materials science ( Nano) materials; the field of beauty products needs to maintain the efficacy of active substances;

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