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Fruit freeze dryer, fruit freeze-dried

Release Date: 2018/11/13 17:58:11 .
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Fruit freeze dryer, fruit freeze-dried

Beijing Songyuan freeze-dried fruit and vegetable mass production large-scale food freeze dryer can be used for deep processing of meat, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, soy milk, beverages, soups, health products and other foods.

Freeze-dried foods meet the requirements of natural, nutritious and convenient. Songyuan series food freeze dryer is based on the experience accumulated in the fields of heat collection, vacuum, refrigeration, pressure vessel manufacturing and automatic control technology, and has been developed by digesting and absorbing the same technology of the same kind of equipment in the world. It uses built-in alternately working water vapor traps, full-liquid circulating cooling systems, heating and water vapor capture systems designed for accelerated sublimation theory, and advanced technologies such as vacuum steam melting.

The quality of freeze-dried fruit is manufactured in the production process, not in the inspection. It not only has requirements for the fruit freeze-drying machine, but also has specific requirements for the hardware of the factory. The author combines his own work experience. The quality control of the freeze-dried fruit production and the requirements of the plant are summarized as follows:

1 Freeze-dried fruit production enterprises must have a clean production environment. There should be no pollution sources around the production area. The air space and water quality should meet the food hygiene requirements. There should be no exposed land surface in and around the production area, and the green area should be increased.

2 The factory area shall be divided into administrative, living, production and auxiliary systems. The administrative, living and production areas should be separated by a certain distance, and the production plants should be arranged according to the characteristics of the product process. The spacing should be appropriate and there should be no cross-contamination. The operations carried out in the same plant and near the factory building should not interfere with each other.

3 There must be sufficient space and space in the workshop to arrange equipment and materials neatly and reasonably. According to the process requirements, the process connection is reasonable, the flow of people and logistics are separated, to prevent confusion between different varieties, cross-contamination and omission of production and inspection steps.

4 The factory should have proper lighting, heating and ventilation equipment, and if necessary, air conditioning equipment to maintain proper temperature and humidity. Lighting, heating equipment and various pipe connections are separated from the production workshop.

5 The factory building should be able to prevent animals and insects from entering, and its internal surface should be smooth and less cracked, and should not smash or adsorb particulate dust.

6 Plants must be graded according to the production process and quality requirements, general production areas (referring to the production workshops, rooms, etc. required for aseptic drop), control areas (referring to the production workshops and auxiliary rooms with certain requirements for the number of colonies), and should Take appropriate assurance measures.

7 Control area The inner wall, flat top and floor of the workshop should be hard, smooth and smooth, no gaps, no particulate matter falling off, easy to clean, easy to disinfect, room with external window, the window should be sealed, the door requirements are smooth, the shape is simple Closed tightly, the opening direction should be toward a room with a high degree of hygiene. The air entering the control zone shall be filtered by primary effect and medium efficiency. The indoor temperature and humidity shall be in accordance with the process requirements. Generally, the positive pressure of 1~2Pa shall be maintained, and the ultraviolet light shall be installed in a suitable place. light.

8 Operators should be able to enter the production control area through the buffer room after changing clothes. At least the clothing in the production control area must be unbuckled white coat.

9 Materials and tools entering the production control area should be cleaned through the buffer chamber before being disinfected.

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