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How to develop a food vacuum freeze dryer to facilitate the fast-food freeze-dried noodle market

Release Date: 2018/11/1 17:25:13 .
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How to develop a food vacuum freeze dryer to facilitate the fast-food freeze-dried noodle market

The application of the food freeze-drying machine in instant noodles not only ensures the taste and convenience of eating, but also ensures the demand for healthy nutrition. In addition to its light weight, small size, and non-deterioration, it can also preserve the color, aroma and taste of foods at the same time, and preserve various nutrient-grade ingredients in foods, especially for vitamin C, with a preservation degree of over 90%.

  When it comes to "fast noodles", many people think of instant noodles, which used to be the savior of our late night hunger. However, as consumers' demands for dietary health gradually increase, instant noodles that are considered "fried, unhealthy" are difficult to get rid of the fate of being abandoned. In fact, since 2013, sales of instant noodles in China have begun to decline. According to instant noodle dealers, the cost of a box of 24 bags of instant noodles is 2 yuan per pack. The price is 2.5 yuan per pack, and the cost is only a few cents. In the case of a decline in sales, products often do not make money or even lose money. In order to make up for the vacancy in the instant noodle market, a new type of convenient instant noodles prepared by a vacuum freeze dryer appeared, referred to as the freeze-dried noodle.

    The lyophilized surface is different from the ordinary instant noodles. It does not have a frying process. Instead, the fresh noodles, soup and vegetables are frozen by a freeze dryer, and then dehydrated and dried in a vacuum environment at minus 30 °C. It can be produced by a freeze dryer that combines a refrigeration system, a vacuum system, and a moisture removal system. Sublimation can remove moisture from frozen biological products. The process of freeze drying is called freeze drying. The lyophilized surface is like other instant noodles. Just re-add water to restore the original appearance, and the color, aroma and taste remain basically unchanged.

 Since the freeze-dried surface adopts vacuum freeze-drying technology, the physicochemical structure of the food is not changed by high temperature, so its nutrients are not lost, and it is basically equal to fresh food. In addition, up to 95% of the dehydration rate makes the shelf life of the food greatly extended, and can be stored in a normal temperature environment for more than five years without destroying the packaging.

 The freeze-dried instant food prepared by the food freeze dryer has the characteristics of "healthy, delicious, no added". The fast-drying lyophilized surface adopts the advanced FD vacuum freeze-drying technology to minimize the manual noodle process. After the dough and the noodles, the machine is used to extrude the noodles through multiple processes. On this basis, vacuum freeze-drying will be carried out. The cooked noodles are quickly frozen to minus 45 degrees and then dehydrated to ensure maximum proximity to the mouthfeel of the freshly cooked noodles.
   For example, fast-food freeze-dried beef noodles, consumers only need to put all kinds of ingredients such as beef raw soup, beef block, parsley, garlic and so on in the new product in advance, add boiling water, and wait for about 5 minutes to eat. The fast-food lyophilized noodles meet the diversified food scenes of consumers with convenient operation, covering specific target groups such as overtime white-collar workers, students, business people and travelers.   

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