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Three coups teach you to clean the lyophilizer and extend the life of the lyophilizer

Release Date: 2018/9/17 16:47:53 .
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Three coups teach you to clean the lyophilizer and extend the life of the lyophilizer
  The use of lyophilizers requires some attention to some maintenance rules, otherwise it will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the work, or even unable to run the machine, etc. The service life of the lyophilizer will be greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances, after using a lyophilizer, the lyophilizer should be cleaned in time. If the operation is inadvertent or the cleaning method is wrong, it will cause no small losses. The reasons for the failure of general lyophilizers fall into two broad categories, natural and human factors.
  Here's a brief introduction to the cleaning method of the lyophilizer:
  No matter what kind of equipment, it needs maintenance after long-term use. The freeze-dryer is no exception. Because the freeze-drying opportunity is frequently used by enterprises, the freeze-dryer can bring many benefits to the enterprise, so To extend the service life, you need to perform regular maintenance. Let's take a look. The first point, the operator needs to replace the grease as required. Because only clean, non-polluting grease can make the lyophilizer perform its full performance, it cannot be taken lightly. In addition, the replacement time of the lyophilizer is determined based on the compression temperature. If the compression temperature is relatively high, the replacement time of the lubricant should be advanced. After 10,000 hours of operation under normal conditions, the staff will have to look at the situation of the lubricating oil. If it is a new compressor, after the start of the two thousand hours, it is necessary to replace the oil and also to clean the filter. After that, the lyophilizer can be checked periodically when it is in use. If the operating environment is better, it is not necessary to change the oil frequently. Change it after 20,000 hours. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of some oils, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of time during the replacement, not to expose the oil to the air for a long time.
  The cumulative use of the oil filter of the lyophilizer for more than 500 hours requires cleaning and replacement every 2000 hours. In addition, the automatic drainage device is squatted once a month for cleaning, which can minimize the occurrence of malfunction. Check the vent valve once a month, the sensitivity of the solenoid valve, and the seal. If the body is dirty, use a soft rag to clean it. Do not put the lyophilizer in water or rinse it with water. Do not use organic solvents such as kerosene or alcohol, etc. Soak, and do not use steel balls or other hard Scraping, otherwise it will cause damage to the body so as not to damage the parts. When cleaning the scale in the sink, it is also recommended to scrub with a soft cloth and a cleaning agent. When cleaning the scale on the water level maintenance switch, drop a few drops of the manufacturer's special brand of cleaning agent, then use a soft brush to clean the air purifier, and finally use clean water. Scour the sink clean.
  As the name suggests, a lyophilizer is a device used for drying. However, the method used in lyophilizers is vacuum freeze-drying. This method does not have the kind of irreversible damage that is caused by ordinary drying methods. It can protect dried objects. Lyophilizer is a product that meets the needs of users. One thing people all know is that if you want something to dry, it will either shine in the sun or it will dry, drying, spray drying, vacuum drying, etc. These are some of the ways you can choose to dry. However, ordinary drying methods are basically performed at 0 degrees or more. After drying, the obtained product or thing will harden basically, and then the volume will be reduced. In addition, the volatile components contained in the product or in the dried product will evaporate, and even some things may undergo oxidation reaction. Therefore, sometimes this kind of drying method is very unsuitable. At this time, it is necessary to use a lyophilizer.
  Over the years, lyophilizer manufacturers have been developing new technologies and new products, drawing on the experience of their counterparts at home and abroad, making the technical content of lyophilizer equipment higher, the most obvious sign is the long life of lyophilizer. Second, the production process of lyophilizers is relatively advanced. After a long period of research, they explored more advanced production processes and production processes, improved the production efficiency of the lyophilizer equipment, and reduced the production costs for the company. Third, adhere to higher quality standards. Lyophilizer manufacturers have set stricter standards than the industry, so that the quality of lyophilizer can stand the test.
  In food processing, medical and other industries, the use of lyophilizer equipment is more common. For lyophilizer companies, they would like to extend the service life of lyophilizer equipment. After all, they can help lyophilizer companies reduce operating costs. Through consultation with a staff member of the lyophilizer manufacturer, some methods for prolonging the service life of the lyophilizer were collected for reference.
  In their opinion, prolonging the service life of lyophilizer equipment is not inconvenient and can be done from the following three methods.
  First, familiarize yourself with the use of lyophilizers. Before the first use of the lyophilizer, workers should be organized to learn the operating rules and operate in strict accordance with the specifications, so as to avoid blind operation failure.
  Second, check the working status of the lyophilizer frequently. On the one hand, it is necessary to check whether the surface of the lyophilizer is clean and remove some magazines or dirt in time. On the other hand, freeze-drying machines should be regularly inspected and maintained, in particular rust removal.
  Third, pay attention to the technical parameters of the lyophilizer. Once abnormal parameters are found, it is necessary to eliminate the fault in time. If necessary, request lyophilizer manufacturers to provide technical guidance

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