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The principle of lyophilizer is so simple

Release Date: 2018/8/8 17:43:13 .
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The principle of lyophilizer is so simple
Although the structure of the lyophilizer is complicated, the working principle is very simple. Today, Xiaobian briefly introduces the working principle of the freeze dryer. The contents are as follows:
Freeze dryers are mainly divided into refrigeration systems, air systems, drainage systems, and electronic control systems. The working principle is based on air freeze-drying, the cooling air is cooled to a certain dew point temperature by a refrigeration device, thereby analyzing the water in the compressed air, and then using the separator to allow the air to be gas-liquid separated, and The separated moisture is removed by an automatic drain valve to obtain the effect of freezing and dehumidifying. At the same time, the solid particles with a diameter of more than 3 microns and the amount of micro-oil in the compressed air are filtered by the lyophilizer, so that the configuration of the gas source can be cleaned and dried.
The lyophilizer has a wide range of applications. As long as it is water-containing, non-toxic and non-corrosive, it can be freeze-dried to make it lyophilized for long-term storage. Freeze-drying machine is applied to the food industry. Products processed using this technology are called freeze-dried foods (FD foods). It can process almost all agricultural and sideline products such as meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits and so on. The freeze dryer is also used in the biopharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, and the health care products industry. It can maintain the color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrients of the original food to the utmost extent, and the rehydration effect is excellent.
The lyophilizer originated in the 1920s vacuum freeze-drying technology after decades of ups and downs, and made great progress in the last 20 years. In the 21st century, vacuum freeze-drying technology has become more and more popular with people due to the advantages that other drying methods cannot match. In addition to its wide application in the fields of medicine, biological products, food, blood products and active substances, its application scale and field Still expanding. To this end, vacuum freeze drying is bound to become an important application technology in the 21st century.
The above is the working principle of the freeze dryer. I hope that this article will give you a better understanding of the freeze dryer.

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