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Vegetable freeze dryer: pumpkin powder production steps

Release Date: 2018/8/3 17:35:36 .
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Vegetable freeze dryer: pumpkin powder production steps

The freeze-dried pumpkin slices prepared by the vegetable freeze-drying machine preserve the original nutrients and active ingredients of the pumpkin. The freeze-dried pumpkin slices can also be pulverized into pumpkin freeze-dried powder, which is rich in various trace elements and vitamins. Controlling blood sugar plays an important role. Get rid of the drawbacks brought by traditional high temperature drying technology.

The following freeze dryer manufacturer will briefly explain the preparation process of the pumpkin freeze-dried powder:

Equipment: Small food freeze dryer Vegetables: fresh pumpkin

1. Choose fresh pumpkin, peel and go to the melon;

2. Cut into pieces of uniform thickness and steamed;

3. Place the pumpkin pieces flat on the stainless steel tray;

4. Put the tray into the freeze-drying room of the small food freeze dryer, and open the freeze-drying program with one button;

5, waiting for the end of the freeze-drying process, take out the freeze-dried pumpkin slices (can be directly sealed and preserved, make a crisp and delicious snack, hungry snacks, add nutrients at any time);

6. Smash the freeze-dried pumpkin slices to obtain the pumpkin freeze-dried powder.


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