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Five component systems of Lyophilizer

Release Date: 2020/7/10 11:19:37 .
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  Lyophilizer  is mainly composed of refrigeration system, control system, circulation system, vacuum system, hydraulic system. The following is a detailed description of the composition and role of each part of the system for everyone.
  ①Refrigeration system:
  It is the most important part of the Lyophilizer . It is composed of refrigeration compressors and auxiliary facilities. It can provide a cold source for the drying box and the cold trap. In addition to the high and low pressure gauges displayed in the refrigeration system, In addition, there is a pressure controller. When the high pressure is too high, the high pressure relay will start to work, at this time, the compressor will stop working;
  ②Control system:
  is mainly composed of programmable program controller, touch screen, peripheral relays, sensors, etc.;
  ③Circulation system:
  In the Lyophilizer, the circulation system is also an indispensable part. The freeze drying and heating of the Lyophilizer  rely on a temperature difference to cause a process of material transfer. The cooling and heating of the shelf are through thermal oil In order to enable the heat transfer oil to continuously circulate in the entire system, a shielded circulation system is required to work;
  ④Vacuum system:
  It is composed of several parts such as drying oven, cold trap, vacuum valve, vacuum pump, vacuum pipeline, and vacuum measuring gauge. Among them, the vacuum pump group has a strong suction capacity, on the one hand, it can promote the sublimation of the moisture in the drying oven under vacuum. On the other hand, the system will form a vacuum pressure difference between the cold trap and the dry box, so that the moisture in the dry box can be successfully captured by the cold trap after sublimation;
  ⑤Hydraulic system:
  This is a unique power system of the capping Lyophilizer  equipment, which is mainly used to press the stopper of the vial into the mouth of the bottle at the end of drying.

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