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What should be paid attention to in the operation of the freeze dryer?

Release Date: 2020/5/15 14:59:16 .
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  Freeze dryer is widely used in the processing of medicine, food and so on. However, due to the uninterrupted nature of freeze-drying production, once the freeze-drying machine fails, it will seriously affect production and cause losses to the enterprise.
  Installation of freeze dryer and preparation of freeze drying:
  1. The vacuum pump and the host are connected by a vacuum pressure tube, and standard quick clamps are used at both ends. The clamp is equipped with a rubber seal. Before connecting, apply an appropriate amount of vacuum grease to the sealing ring, and then clamp both ends.
  2. A "total power" socket is installed above the right panel of the main unit. Plug one end of the power cord and connect the other end to a live power source. A vacuum pump power socket is also installed on the side of the "total power supply", which can be inserted into the power cord of the vacuum pump.
  3. Please read the "Instruction Manual" of the vacuum pump in detail, check the vacuum pump, make sure that the oil of the vacuum pump is full, do not run without oil, and the oil level should not be lower than the standard line of the vacuum pump.
  4. The “○” type sealing ring above the cold trap should be kept clean, and evenly apply a layer of vacuum grease before use.
  5. Load the material into the material tray, place the material tray on the pre-freezing rack, put the pre-freezing rack into the cold trap, cover with the insulation cover, and pre-freeze for one hour.
  6. If the capping configuration is selected, inject the material into the vial, put the vial into the cold trap, pre-freeze for one hour, and place the vial in the capped material pan for drying after pre-freezing.
  7. If the multi-manifold configuration is selected, pour the material into the selected drying bottle, then place the drying bottle in a cold trap, cover with a heat preservation cap, and pre-freeze for one hour. This helps accelerate drying.

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