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Application of vacuum freeze dryer in biopharmaceutical and food fields

Release Date: 2020/5/11 13:19:49 .
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  With the continuous development of freeze-drying technology, the vacuum freeze-dryer is widely used in the fields of biological products, medical pharmacy and food. The freeze-drying technology is increasingly favored by people because of its unmatched advantages of other drying methods, and its application scale is constantly expanding rapidly.
  (1) Application of biological products
  A. Live bacterial vaccine. For example, BCG vaccine, meningococcal vaccine, tuberculosis vaccine, oral dysentery vaccine, salmonella, streptococcus and so on.
  B. Fire vaccine. For example, measles vaccine, flu vaccine, rabies vaccine, chicken plague vaccine, etc.
  C. Other biological products and biochemical drugs. Hepatitis B surface antigen diagnosis snowball, human leukocyte interferon, coenzyme A (CoA), adenosine triphosphate (ATP), urokinase, etc.
  (2) Application in the production of medical, traditional Chinese and western medicine
  Using freeze-drying technology can preserve various organs such as blood, arteries, bones, skin, cornea and nerve tissue for a long time. The cells are not destroyed during freeze-drying, and the organism can be resurrected after rehydration. For example, freeze-dried bones can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to 2 years.
  Is mostly injections, mainly antibiotics, circulatory organ drugs, central nervous system drugs, vitamins and tumor drugs. For example, ampicillin, diltiazem (erythromycin ethylsuccinate tablets), etc.
  In recent years, the Chinese patent medicines have been processed by freeze-drying method. The prepared Chinese patent medicines will be immersed, extracted, filtered, concentrated, and freeze-dried to make powders, tablets or injections.
  (3) Food applications:
  A. Cooking ingredients: meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, etc.
  B. Raw materials for the food industry: milk powder, egg powder, vegetable protein powder, tea leaves, dried fruits, meat powder, soybean powder, etc.
  C. Drinks: coffee, fruit, etc.
  D. Supplements: pollen, bee chick powder, turtle powder, etc.
  Wide range of food applications will not elaborate!
  (6) Other applications:
  A. Microorganisms and algae: such as long-term preservation of various bacteria, yeast, enzymes, protozoa, microalgae, etc.
  B. Biological specimens and biological tissues: such as making various animal and plant specimens, and drying and preserving skin, bone, aorta, heart valve and other marginal tissues for animal xenotransplantation or homologous transplantation.
  C. Make small tissue pieces for optical microscope, electron scanning and transmission microscope.
  D. Food drying: such as coffee, tea, meat and fish eggs, seaweed, fruits, vegetables, seasonings, tofu, instant food, etc.
  E. Advanced nutrition and Chinese herbal medicine: such as royal jelly, honey, pollen, Chinese herbal medicine preparations, etc.
  F. Preparation of ultrafine powder: such as the preparation of Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2, Ba2Cu3O7 ~ 8, Ba2Ti9O20 and other ultrafine powders.
  g. Other aspects: such as catalysts in the chemical industry, the catalytic efficiency can be increased by 5 to 20 times after freeze-drying; plant leaves and soil are freeze-dried to study the effects of soil, fertilizer and climate on plant growth and the role of factors; Damp wooden artifacts, flooded book manuscripts, etc. are dried by freeze drying.

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