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How does the in-situ freeze dryer remove water?

Release Date: 2020/4/29 9:53:01 .
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  In-situ freeze dryer adopts imported fully enclosed refrigeration unit, with low temperature and strong water catching ability. Use air cooling to dissipate heat without water cooling; vacuum connection adopts international common standard parts, easy to disassemble and install, reliable sealing performance; cold trap temperature and sample vacuum degree are displayed by LED digital, concise and clear; specific design touch soft key Each function can be set quickly and accurately, and the operation is simple and convenient; the specially designed stainless steel sample holder, the spacing of the ordinary sample tray is adjustable, and the number of layers can be set freely; the stainless steel cold trap and the table top are clean and hygienic, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.
  In-situ freeze dryer is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrument control system. The main components of the in-situ freeze dryer are drying oven, coagulator, freezing unit, vacuum pump, heating / cooling device, etc. The working principle of the freeze dryer is to freeze the dried items to below the triple point temperature, and then to directly sublimate the solid moisture (ice) in the items into water vapor under vacuum conditions, and remove them from the items to make the items dry.
  In-situ freeze dryer water removal process:
  The compressed air first enters the front and rear coolers, reduces the temperature of the high-temperature compressed air, and then enters the cross-flow exchanger. At this time, the compressed air is frozen in the heat exchanger at a very high speed, refined to 2-8 ° C, and then further In the three-stage gas-water separator of the entry rate, the low-temperature air is separated by the first-speed rotation in the three-stage gas-water separator, and then enters the second-stage super-gravity separation section, and then enters the fine separator separation section for fine water separation , The separated water is discharged out of the system by a full-automatic drainage device, and then dried compressed air is obtained. This is due to its advanced technology.
  After the compressed air is frozen and separated, the dried compressed air enters the reheater again, and the cooling capacity of the air is used to improve the heat dissipation effect, and the temperature of the dried outlet air can be further raised to 15-40 ° C to prevent the appearance of the outlet air duct. Secondary problems such as condensation, dripping, and rust.

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