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Open a new chapter in “effect-oriented” governance Laboratory freeze-dryer into an industry boutique

Release Date: 2018/7/2 17:44:12 .
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Open a new chapter in “effect-oriented” governance Laboratory freeze-dryer into an industry boutique
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people will put forward higher requirements for the quality of consumer products, environmental protection awareness, health awareness is further strengthened, and the demand for various types of drugs, health products and freeze-dried foods will increase. In order to meet the needs of various pharmaceuticals, bio-health products, freeze-dried foods and solid micro-powder preparations, especially the development of bio-engineering, it will bring about a new upsurge in the development of new drugs and bio-pharmaceuticals, all of which will effectively promote the experiment. The further development of the freeze dryer technology in the room has resulted in the continuous expansion of the application scale and the continuous expansion of application fields.
At present, freeze-dried foods are rapidly popular in Europe, America, and Japan. After freeze-dried dehydration, vegetables, fruits, meat, aquatic products, spices, etc., are now widely used in aerospace, mountaineering, tourism, exploration, and mining industries. Restaurants and families have also established a solid position in ordinary civilian foods.
The laboratory freeze dryer is suitable for low temperature drying of heat sensitive, viscous, active materials and materials with high sugar content, such as Chinese herbal medicine natural product extract, dairy products, biological preparations, enzyme preparations, fruit juice, polymer materials, etc. .
The lyophilizer used in the laboratory freeze dryer has the following advantages over the conventional method:
1 Many heat sensitive substances do not degenerate or inactivate.
2 When dried at low temperatures, some of the volatile components in the material lose very little.
3 During the lyophilization process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes cannot be performed, so the original traits can be maintained.
4 Since the drying is performed in a frozen state, the volume is almost unchanged, the original structure is maintained, and concentration does not occur.
5 Since the moisture in the material exists in the form of ice crystals after pre-freezing, the dissolved inorganic salt dissolved in water is uniformly distributed in the material. During sublimation, dissolved substances dissolved in water are precipitated, which avoids surface hardening caused by precipitation of inorganic salts carried on the surface by the internal moisture of the material during the general drying process.
6 After drying, the material is loose and porous, and it is spongy. After water is added, it dissolves quickly and completely, and it almost immediately restores its original properties.
7 Oxygen is scarce because of drying under vacuum, so some easily oxidized substances are protected.
8 Drying can eliminate 95% to 99% of the water, so that the dried product can be stored for a long time without deterioration.
9 Because the material is in a frozen state, the temperature is very low, so the temperature of the heat source for heating is not required to be high. A heater with a normal temperature or a low temperature can be used to meet the requirements. If the freezer compartment and the desiccant compartment are separated, the desiccant compartment does not need to be insulated, and there will not be a lot of heat loss, so the utilization of thermal energy is very economical.
When using the laboratory freeze dryer for the first time, all parts of the instrument must be thoroughly cleaned. The stainless steel parts are cleaned with ethanol. The organic glass is cleaned with normal saline. Ampoule bottles are cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.
The laboratory freeze dryer must be pre-frozen before it is freeze-dried. It is necessary to prepare a low-temperature refrigerator, a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, or a low temperature refrigerator of minus 80 degrees Celsius. The dry preparation should be placed in a low temperature refrigerator or liquid nitrogen. For about four hours, it can be observed directly from the outside. After the item is completely frozen, the freeze-drying experiment can be carried out, and the item can be quickly moved into the laboratory freeze dryer tray to ensure the freeze-drying effect.
The main unit and the vacuum pump are connected by a green vacuum tube, and the joint uses an international standard clamp. In order to effectively prevent air leakage, this type of clamp is specially designed with a sealing rubber ring in the clamp. In the method of preventing air leakage, apply a proper amount of vacuum grease on the rubber ring and then clamp it with a clamp to make the joints fit closer together. If the clamp is not clamped, air leakage will occur, which will cause the digital display value of the instrument panel to be greater than 20pa when vacuum is drawn. At this time, the airtightness of the vacuum pump and the glass cover of the laboratory freeze dryer should be checked.
Two power sockets are provided on the right side plate of the laboratory freeze dryer mainframe. One is to connect the power cable of the vacuum pump to the host, and then the main power supply on the second lab freeze dryer is plugged in.
Before the vacuum pump operates, it must be checked whether the vacuum pump oil is added or it will not operate normally. The oil level must not be lower than the midline of the oil mirror. When the vacuum pump is used at the beginning, it has a relatively strong jitter and slowly becomes smooth.
If the air tightness is not good, some vacuum grease should be applied to the sealing rubber ring above the cold trap, the plexiglass cover should be lightly screwed on the rubber ring, and the airtightness should be tested by opening the vacuum pump. To ensure the integrity of the gas seal.

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