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Food freeze-drying machine in the process of vegetable carrot freeze-drying

Release Date: 2019/7/11 17:20:47 .
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Food freeze-drying machine in the process of vegetable carrot freeze-drying
The food freeze dryer is a kind of vacuum freeze dryer equipment, which is widely used in food fruits and vegetables. Here and discuss with you: food freeze dryer in the vegetable freeze-dried processing advantages of carrots.
Carrots have high nutritional value and contain a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. With the development of the economy and the improvement of the material level of people's living, people are more interested in green and healthy foods. The carrots freeze-dried in a low-temperature vacuum environment by a food freeze dryer are easy to preserve, eat and deep-process, and have a good market prospect.
Carrots have a lot of drying methods, and previous hot air drying is a common way of drying. However, the hot air drying cycle is long and the drying quality is poor. The advent of food freeze dryers provides an alternative to low temperature drying, which allows moisture to be removed at low temperatures and low pressures. Therefore, by vacuum freeze drying, it is possible to have a lower drying temperature and an anoxic treatment environment. The lyophilized carrot retains its original color, shape and taste. Because it is dry at low temperatures, its heat-sensitive ingredients are retained, thus retaining its original nutrients.
Advantages of vacuum freeze dryer in lyophilization in hawthorn
In China, Hawthorn is a dual-use plant approved by the Ministry of Health. It has a long history of edible and medicinal purposes. Hawthorn fruit is rich in nutrients and pharmacologically active ingredients, and is widely used in health foods and pharmaceuticals. Hawthorn has a high nutritional value and health care function. However, the traditional processing method is mainly thermal processing. During the processing, the nutrients and active ingredients of the raw materials are easily lost, which will significantly reduce the nutrition, efficacy and active ingredients.
With the continuous development and wide application of vacuum freeze dryer technology, its deep processing in the lyophilization of hawthorn has far-reaching development significance and market prospects. The advantage of vacuum freeze dryer in lyophilized hawthorn: lyophilized hawthorn is the direct freezing and vacuum drying of the raw materials, without natural air drying and hot air drying, to maintain the nutrient composition and flavor of the raw materials to the greatest extent. No additives are used during the processing, and the phenomenon of shrinkage and cracking of the appearance caused by high temperature water loss is avoided. Compared with traditional dried hawthorn slices, the hawthorn freeze-dried whole fruit can better retain and concentrate various nutrients such as sugar, vitamins, cellulose and minerals in fresh samples. For example, the total sugar content is 31.3%, the Vc content is 142.8 mg/100 g, the total acid content is 12.3%, the protein content is 3.46%, and the total flavonoid content is 0.23%. The water content is generally not higher than 4%, and the water activity of the dried product is low, which is not conducive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and can be preserved for a long time.
In addition, the whole fruit of the hawthorn which is vacuum freeze-dried is not subjected to high temperature dehydration treatment during the processing, and does not cause any shrinkage. The appearance of the product is full and there is no shrinkage phenomenon, and the shape of the hawthorn fresh fruit is retained, and the appearance quality is good. During the drying process, the hawthorn is lost due to the sublimation of the water inside the tissue, resulting in a uniform honeycomb structure in the raw material cells or between the cells, so that the product has good crispness. This uniform porous texture also makes the product easy to absorb water and has good rehydration. The honeycomb structure produced by the hawthorn after lyophilization also makes the hawthorn easier to break.

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