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Advantages of in-situ function of laboratory small freeze dryer

Release Date: 2019/5/17 17:18:56 .
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Advantages of in-situ function of laboratory small freeze dryer
At present, the small freeze dryers used in the laboratory are mainly bell-type (upper and lower structure type). The operation of the lyophilizer is to pre-freeze in the lower trap of the lower host. After the pre-freezing, it is necessary to manually The material is taken out of the cold trap and transferred to the upper glass cover freeze-drying chamber for drying. So what are the advantages of the in-situ function of the laboratory small freeze dryer? What kind of experience is the laboratory used for? First of all, we need to understand its meaning: a new type of small freeze dryer equipment for laboratory use with in situ freeze-drying function.
Beijing Songyuan's small-scale freeze-drying machine has the function of in-situ freeze-drying, pre-freezing and drying. The process does not require manual intervention, and the material is directly put into the freeze-drying room, waiting for the lyophilization process to end. With the continuous development of social intelligence, Songyuan's in-situ small-scale freeze dryer market has great prospects.
1. Products, advanced technology;
2. Beautiful and stylish, small size;
3. Touch screen operation, one-button start, automatic control of freeze-drying process, easy and convenient;
4. The freeze-drying process can be set and adjusted in real time, and the freeze-drying data and freeze-drying curve can be displayed;
4. Imported brands of key components, small noise, high ability, high quality and high performance;
5. The system is advanced, the running current is small, and the energy consumption is low;
6. SUS304 stainless steel material plate and liner are safe and secure;
7. Transparent plexiglass door, directly observe the lyophilization process of the material;
8. Fast defrost technology, over temperature automatic protection.

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