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Laboratory freeze dryer classification and function introduction

Release Date: 2019/5/16 17:16:23 .
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Laboratory freeze dryer classification and function introduction
Freeze dryers are referred to as freeze dryers, which can be divided into laboratory freeze dryers, pilot freeze dryers, and production freeze dryers. The laboratory freeze dryer, as its name suggests, is a small freeze dryer equipment used for sample experiments and a small amount of lyophilization.
Laboratory freeze dryers have been developed to date, and their types are gradually increasing. According to its function, it can be divided into: ordinary freeze dryer, gland type freeze dryer, multi-manifold common type freeze dryer, multi-manifold gland type freeze dryer, T-frame freeze dryer, in situ Type freeze dryer.
1 Ordinary freeze dryer: suitable for most routine experiments, materials can be bulk-packed in the material tray for freeze-drying;
2 gland type freeze-drying machine: self-contained glanding device, the material can be bulked in the material tray for drying, and can also be used for the drying of the Xilin bottled material. After the drying, manually press the capping device to press the cap to make the sample of the vial Sealed under vacuum to avoid secondary pollution and re-adsorb moisture;
3 multi-manifold common type freeze dryer: 8 flasks are connected outside the drying chamber, and the flasks are connected to the drying chamber. The connection between the corresponding flask and the drying chamber can also be cut off by the corresponding switch control. The flask can be removed or loaded as needed. No downtime is required. In the drying chamber, the conventional medicine can be lyophilized, and the flask can also be dried in the material, which is suitable for observing the change of the material under different drying time, and is convenient for the lectures in the laboratory classroom;
4 multi-manifold gland type freeze dryer: 8 flasks are connected outside the drying chamber, and a capping device is provided. It is suitable for drying of conventional samples and using the drying of flasks to study the material change process, and can also dry the Xilin bottled materials and directly perform the plug sealing operation under vacuum;
5T frame freeze dryer: suitable for drying the ampoule and ampoule bottle materials. For the preservation of microbial strains such as bacteria and fungi, the laboratory often uses an ampoule storage method. The sample was freeze-dried and packaged in a small ampoule. It has the advantages of long storage period, small variation, convenient for large-scale preservation and wide application range. It is convenient for laboratory and scientific research sample drying experiments, and the lyophilization process can be disassembled for observation.

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