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Application of freeze dryer in freeze drying of new materials

Release Date: Monday 7 . 2017
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 In recent years, freeze-drying technology has been widely used in new materials such as superconducting materials, high-energy batteries, catalysts, and mesoporous materials. The key to the rapid development of freeze-drying technology in the field of materials is that it has a series of outstanding advantages: it can effectively prevent the primary particles from agglomerating, and prepare ultra-fine powder with controlled particle size;

Nanomaterial powder prepared by small freeze dryer!

Among the superconducting materials, Yavuz et al. compared the precursors of B-iPb-Sr-Ca-Sr-Ca-Cu-O powders prepared by freeze-drying, spray drying and thermal decomposition methods, and the activity was obtained by freeze-drying. Precursor. MancicL et al. synthesized high purity submicron B-iPb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O particles by freeze drying. The ultrafine and uniform composition of the compound B-iPb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O obtained by spraying has an average particle size below 1 Lm, irregular shape, smooth surface a slight agglomeration, BET of 2.5 m2/g, and the obtained crystal grains. The size is 251 nm.

  Among the magnetic materials, SrFe12O19 particles were prepared by co-precipitation and freeze-drying methods using respective nitrates and chlorides, and the obtained powder was calcined at 700-1100e: SrFe12O19 prepared by freeze-drying method has good magnetic properties. Yes, the hysteresis loop of 300K is measured, and the coercive force is as high as 5690Oe. The SrFe12O19 prepared by the coprecipitation method showed a lower coercivity value, and the large value of zui was about 1300 Oe.

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