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Pet food freeze dryer application, freeze-dried meat snack benefits

Release Date: Tuesday 7 . 2017
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Pet food freeze dryer application, freeze-dried meat snack benefits:

1, high nutrition
The vacuum freeze-drying process is a drying process under extremely low temperature and high vacuum. The food is basically in an environment of no oxygen and completely protected from light, and the heat denaturation is small, effectively maintaining the color of fresh ingredients. Aroma, taste, shape, and maximize the preservation of various vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients in the ingredients and chlorophyll, biological enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients and flavor substances.

2, palatability
Since the moisture in the food material is precipitated in situ during the lyophilization process, this avoids the general drying method, which causes nutrients to be lost to the surface of the food material due to the migration of moisture inside the food material to the surface thereof. Adverse phenomena such as surface hardening of ingredients.
Fresh vegetables and fruits are dehydrated, and because they are concentrated in flavor and sugar, they are more sweet and delicious. The taste of fresh meat after dehydration is more delicious than the original, improving palatability.

3, good rehydration

During the lyophilization process, the solid ice crystals sublimate into water vapor and leave a void in the food. Therefore, the vacuum freeze-dried pet food has a dry sponge-like porous structure, and therefore has an ideal fast-dissolving and fast and almost complete complex. Waterborne. When you eat it, just add the right amount of water and you can restore it to almost fresh taste in a few seconds to a few minutes.

4, long shelf life, easy to use
Freeze-dried pet food is thoroughly dehydrated and light, so it is very convenient to use or carry, and most freeze-dried pet foods are vacuum-packed or nitrogen-filled and stored in the dark. The shelf life of this sealed package at room temperature can be as long as 3 to 5 years or even longer.
Compared with traditional meat pet foods, especially raw foods, freeze-dried pet foods are not stored in the refrigerator, thus eliminating the need to understand the freezing steps.

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