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What are the advantages of a laboratory freeze dryer used in a laboratory over conventional methods?
The laboratory freeze dryer uses the physical principle to freeze the moisture in the compressed air to below the dew point, so that it can be precipitated from the air....
Analysis on the drying principle of freeze dryer
I believe everyone is familiar with freeze dryers. Such a machine that integrates freezing and drying has been favored by most experiments. The principle of freeze drying of freeze dryers is actually not complicated. Freezing and drying are divided into two processes. ...
How to properly maintain an industrial vacuum freeze dryer?
Industrial vacuum freeze dryer is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrument control system. ...
What is the control system of industrial vacuum freeze dryer?
The control system of industrial vacuum freeze dryer is the command mechanism of the whole machine....
Analysis of periodic inspection and maintenance methods of pilot freeze dryer
Repair and eliminate the leakage and failure of the refrigeration system, vacuum system and heating system, and check whether the indicators of the pilot freeze dryer are in a normal state;...
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What is the difference between a small freeze dryer and a pilot freeze dryer?
The pilot-type freeze dryer is also called a pilot-type freeze dryer and a pilot-type vacuum freeze dryer. It can be divided into two types: normal type and gland type. Suitable for small batch production, it can provide a feasible solution for formal large-scale freeze-drying production. ...
What are the applications of vacuum freeze dryer in health food?
Freeze-dried roses are a kind of “eternal flower” popular in the flower market, but it is also a kind of freeze-drying machine used in health foods. Because rose is a perennial shrub of Rosaceae, it has a long history of medicinal use. ...
How to freeze drying/lyophilize fruit?
How to freeze drying/lyophilize fruit?...
The development of laboratory freeze dryer is based on China's national conditions.
Laboratory freeze dryers have always been based on domestic market conditions in the development of China's market economy. Considering the characteristics of China's market development, we must take flexible measures from the actual situation, so as to effectively support enterprises. The market has developed rapidly. The development of laboratory freeze dryers is still the same. At the same time, it is necessary to actively introduce technology and enhance its own independent development capabilities before it can achieve good development....
Restricting the development bottleneck of food freeze-drying machine
 The ancients said: Taking history as a mirror can be informed of the rise and fall. To see the future development of a thing, we must know the past and present of this thing. For example, if you want to know the future development of food freeze dryers, then you must understand the current and current development status of food freeze dryers. Yes, maybe you already know that this article is about the current development of food freeze-dryers. As for the future development of food freeze dryers, we will introduce them in future articles....
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