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Shrimp freeze dryer helps seafood industry develop

Release Date: 2019/2/26 17:45:01 .
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The shrimp freeze dryer is a vacuum freeze dryer developed by Beijing Songyuan for the seafood and aquatic products industry. It is widely used for lyophilization of aquatic products such as shrimp, shrimp, fish, sea cucumber, abalone and scallop. It is conducive to the quality improvement of seafood and aquatic products, as well as long-term preservation, light weight after lyophilization, convenient transportation and cost reduction.


Beijing Songyuan Shrimp Freeze Dryer has mature manufacturing technology, superb temperature control technology and extreme ultra-low temperature. It has great advantages in nutrient preservation and preservation of aquatic products, and also provides a required working environment for some special items. The lower the temperature, the higher the rate of sublimation of the articles, and the better the freeze-drying effect.

Shrimp freeze dryer parameters:

Dry area 0.315m2

Number of separator layers 3+1

Partition temperature range -50°C—+70°C

Separator temperature difference ±1 °C

Separator spacing 70mm

Partition size 300*320*15

Cold trap minimum temperature ≤ -70 ° C (no load)

Water catching capacity 6KG/24h

Ultimate vacuum ≤10Pa

Cooling method Air-cooled: well ventilated, room temperature ≤ 25 ° C

Plug method Hydraulic upper plug (cap type)

Dimensions 740*960*1400mm

The whole machine power is 3.5KW (including electric heating 1.5KW)

Shrimp freeze dryer features

1) Integrate systems such as vacuum, refrigeration, heating and control. Drying is done once. Optimized configuration of the refrigeration system, using famous brand compressors, multiple protection (oil shortage, overpressure, overheating, overload, phase loss protection) using imported components.

2) The shelf temperature of the shelf can reach -50 °C, which can ensure that all materials are completely frozen.

3) High-efficiency low-temperature water trap made of copper material, which can withstand low temperature of -85 °C.

4) High-efficiency low-temperature water trap with cold trap temperature up to -60 °C (zui low -70 °C), using the company's proprietary technology, large collection capacity, high capture rate, high efficiency and energy saving.

5) The vacuum system is matched with a low-energy, high-speed vacuum pump to save energy and shorten drying time.

6) Circulating medium mode, uniform heat dissipation, small temperature difference, high and low temperature operation status, good quality, no noise, safe and reliable, long-term operation in various environments.

7) Stainless steel medium circulation pump and all stainless steel medium circulation pipeline system, long corrosion resistance and long life.

8) Stainless steel hollow shelf and stainless steel drying box, smooth and smooth, easy to wash, durable and long life, not easy to pollute.

9) The operation status of each part of the whole machine is clear at a glance, easy to master, simple to operate, convenient for maintenance and management.

10) The drying room is provided with a transparent observation window, and an illumination observation system is provided to directly observe the material drying process.

11) The whole installation, compact structure, beautiful appearance, on-site installation, easy to move and transport as a whole.

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