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Food freeze dryer is processed before meat freeze drying

Release Date: 2019/1/24 17:37:52 .
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Food freeze dryer is processed before meat freeze drying

The food freeze-drying machine generally washes the fresh meat before the freeze-drying of the meat food, removes unnecessary parts, and then shapes and adjusts. Here to share with you, the food freeze dryer in the pre-treatment process of meat lyophilization:

  The meat and fish are composed of muscle tissue. The main component is a variability protein, which is composed of adipose tissue and 1% glycogen, and the rest is water. In the meat, the long bundle of cylindrical fibers and the connective tissue together constitute the telescopic muscle. The composition of the fish is similar to that of the meat, except that the fibers are in the form of a block, and the connective tissue is separated between the fiber blocks. Therefore, the orientation of muscle fibers in meat and fish is important for heat transfer and steam transfer.

 When the meat is lyophilized, it is generally not allowed to dry the bone fat together because the bones dry for a long time, and the fat tissue may melt when the drying time is long and the drying temperature is high, blocking the holes in the lyophilized layer, hindering The transfer of steam. The meat is first removed from the fat, and then cut into thin slices in the direction perpendicular to the muscle fibers, so that the moving direction of the sublimation interface of the ice crystals is consistent with the texture of the meat during lyophilization, which is beneficial to heat and mass transfer, and is beneficial to rehydration of freeze-dried products. 

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