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What are the advantages of the Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers market?

Release Date: 2019/1/10 17:24:42 .
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Floor Model Manifold What are the advantages of the Freeze Dryers market?
Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers are very important during the freeze-drying process because the morphology and size of the ice crystals formed during freezing and the degree of vitrification not only affect the subsequent drying rate, but also the quality of the freeze-dried drug. Therefore, the formulation, freezing rate, freezing method, and annealing should be considered during the Freeze Model Manifold Freeze Dryers freezing process.
How to choose the right type of Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers, Songyuan freeze dryer suppliers summarize the following three points:
First, first clear the use of freeze-drying machines, such as pharmaceutical or freeze-dried foods; pharmaceutical freeze dryers and food freeze dryers have different configurations, and pharmaceutical freeze dryers generally have a lower price than food freezers. The dryer is higher;
Second, to clear their own freeze-dried production needs:
1 small amount of freeze-dried, test--optional laboratory small freeze dryer; laboratory small freeze dryer is divided into common type, gland type, multi-manifold ordinary type, multi-manifold gland type according to function T-frame, in-situ type.
2 small batch freeze-drying production, intermediate test--optional pilot-type freeze-drying machine;
3 large-scale production - optional production freeze dryer.
Third, the freeze-drying machine cost-effective, that is, buy a high-quality freeze dryer in your own budget.
1 If there are conditions, you can visit the site and see if it is a real factory;
2 company years, strength, equipment inspection and so on.
Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers is a freeze-drying equipment for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. It uses a variety of raw materials to produce a variety of freeze-dried foods according to market demand. China is a large agricultural country with rich resources, such as Qingdao, Shandong Province, an important vegetable, animal husbandry, fruit production base. After nearly a decade of development, it has formed a vegetable production base based on the Dagu River Basin, mainly based on hills. The fruit production base and the plain-based livestock production base provide abundant resources for further deep processing.
The freeze-drying technology has high technology content, high added value of products and good economic benefits. Freeze-drying technology was proposed as early as the early 19th century, and it was only used in the drying of serum and the preservation of strains. Until 1934, the British kidd published the world of freeze-dried foods. Freeze-drying technology is carried out at low temperatures and absolute low pressures, so its high technology content.
Low temperature and absolute low pressure are the main reasons for the high production cost of freeze-dried food. However, with the continuous improvement of freeze-drying technology, the performance of equipment is becoming more and more perfect, especially the localization of vacuum freeze dryer. The production cost of freeze-dried food has begun. reduce. In addition, compared with canned foods and frozen foods, freeze-dried foods are low in storage and transportation costs, and the high value added by their high quality can offset the disadvantages of high cost, especially for high-priced food materials. The cost of freeze-drying processing is a small percentage of the sales price of its products.
In the international market, the price of freeze-dried food is 4 to 10 times the price of traditional dehydrated food. The relevant information indicates that: freeze-dried mushrooms are 20,000-250 million yuan/ton, freeze-dried shallots are between 21.00 and 270,000 yuan/ton, freeze-dried apples. 25.00 ~ 26.00 million / ton. According to some domestic and foreign manufacturers, due to the high technical content of freeze-dried foods and high added value, enterprises generally achieve good economic benefits.

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