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What is the technical field of fruit and vegetable freeze dryer

Release Date: 2018/11/10 17:41:45 .
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What is the technical field of fruit and vegetable freeze dryer

fruit and vegetable freeze dryer technical field
The utility model belongs to the technical field of fruit and vegetable processing equipment, in particular to a fruit and vegetable freeze dryer.
Background technique
Fruits and vegetables are a kind of plants or fungi that can be cooked and cooked into food. Fruits and vegetables are one of the essential foods in people's daily diet. Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients such as vitamins and minerals essential to the human body. According to the statistics of FAO in 1990, 90% of the essential VC and 60% of VA come from fruits and vegetables. In addition, there are many kinds of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables, which are recognized as effective ingredients for health. At present, nutrients in fruits and vegetables can effectively prevent various substances of chronic and degenerative diseases, and are being discovered by people.


With the use of fruits and vegetables more and more extensive, in order to ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables, freeze-drying is often used to preserve fruits and vegetables; freeze-drying is commonly referred to as lyophilization, which is to freeze and freeze the fruits and vegetables containing a large amount of water to form a solid, and then under vacuum conditions. The water is directly sublimated from the solid state into a gaseous state, which is separated from the fruits and vegetables. Under such production conditions, fruits and vegetables that are easily oxidized, volatile, and heat-sensitive can be preserved, and the harmful effects of bacteria and enzymes can be inhibited, and the biological, chemical structure and activity of fruits and vegetables can be well ensured. Therefore, the color, fragrance, taste shape and nutrients of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can be kept the same as fresh products, and the rehydration is simple and fast, and can be basically restored into fresh products. The water content of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables is below 3%. Conducive to the long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables.

However, the existing lyophilizer usually separates the two processes of pre-cooling and drying, and is separately completed by two independent devices, so that the lyophilizer has a large volume, a complicated structure, frequent operations, and large energy consumption.

Utility model content

In view of the above-mentioned deficiencies in the prior art, the object of the present invention is to provide a fruit and vegetable lyophilizer which can occupy two processes of pre-cooling and drying in a small footprint and simple operation.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the present invention is achieved by the following technical solutions:

A fruit and vegetable freeze-drying machine comprises a body and a control cabinet. The control cabinet is arranged on one side of the body, and further comprises a fruit and vegetable tray, a vacuum pump, a hot air playback mechanism and a cold air playback mechanism, and a plurality of fruit and vegetable trays are arranged inside the vacuum pump at the top of the body. A hot air replay mechanism is disposed above the inside of the body, and a cold air playback mechanism is disposed below the inside of the body. Such a design enables pre-cooling and drying at the same time in the lyophilization process, and the cold air playback mechanism is controlled by the control cabinet to first cool the fruits and vegetables, and after cooling, the cold air is again recovered by the cold air playback mechanism, and then the hot air is released to the fruits and vegetables through the hot gas playback mechanism. The drying process is performed, and the vacuum pump is started to evacuate the air inside the body, and the solid state is changed into a gaseous sublimation during the drying process, and cooling and drying are performed inside the same body.

Further preferably, the hot gas playback mechanism comprises a hot gas return pipe and a hot gas collecting bin, and the hot gas return pipe is respectively connected to the inside of the body and the hot gas collecting bin. This design allows the air conditioner to perform output and input functions, reducing equipment operation and reducing labor costs.


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