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What is the structure of the freeze-drying machine?

Release Date: 2018/10/27 17:55:30 .
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  What is the structure of the freeze-drying machine?
  Description of the structure of the freeze dryer:
  The freeze dryer mainly consists of refrigeration system, vacuum system, circulation system, control system, hydraulic system and so on.
  The freeze-drying machine refrigeration system includes: compressor, filter, pipe, solenoid valve, expansion valve, condenser, cold trap, oil, etc.
  The freeze-drying machine circulation system includes: circulating pump, balance bucket, heat exchanger, shelf and so on
  Vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps, vacuum pipes, front and rear tanks, valves

  Freeze dryer control system is mainly refers to the control cabinet freeze dryer hydraulic system is the name suggests that the hydraulic station driven by a plug system.
  Comparing with traditional hot air dehydrated products, the Freeze Dry products have unique characters and advantages. The most clear difference is the appearance of the final products, the FD products will keep the same shape and color as they were frozen, it won't become shrink or darken after drying. Further inside quality of the products, due to low temperature drying technology, the nutritons within the products have been preserved at the highest level. And due to the sublimation process had minimum damage for the material structure and cellular tissues, the rehydration rate is extremely high. After the rehydration, the products will be with very close charaters with the fresh materials. And many other advantages due to the low moisture content after freeze drying. The products can be stored for a very long period. Comparing with frozen products, it is much easier and cost efficient for transportation and storage.
  Vacuum freeze drying equipment is the most advanced dehydration technology used in the food industry to produce superier quality FD food products.
  The FD food products have been widely used in the poducts such as FD fruits for leisure food, FD vegetables for high end convenient food, ingredients, high grade instant coffee, milk powder, convenient soap, high nutrition healthy food, herbs, military and aerospace food products and etc.
  Freeze-drying machine is compact, with large-scale freeze dryer flexibility, less space, can handle more flexible samples, cost-effective. Suitable for small laboratory, and can choose a variety of configurations:
  Common type: suitable for bulk materials, liquid and solid dry
  Gland type: suitable for Schering bottled material drying, can achieve sample vacuum pressure package. Contains general type of use function.
  Ordinary multi-manifold type: suitable for a variety of different materials, small freeze-dried, and can be linked to freeze-dried bottles, eggplant bottles, jars.
  Grip multi-manifold type: Contains the function of ordinary multi-manifold type, can achieve the sample vacuum pressure package, to meet the vast majority of the laboratory technical requirements.

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