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What type of lyophilizer is suitable for flower freeze drying?

Release Date: 2018/9/30 17:41:59 .
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  What type of lyophilizer is suitable for flower freeze drying?
  Fresh flowers will be withered and faded a couple of days. The flavor will be disappeared accordingly. Is there any way to remain its color and shap and flavor? Lyophilization!!!!
  Use a lyophilizer machine to freeze dry the flowers. The flower can be preserved for a long time, far away from withering and fade. The most importantly, the flavor can be remained in the flower too. It is really miraculous!
  What is lyophilization?
  Lyophilization is freeze drying. You must know what is lyophilization before start your business of freeze drying flowers. No oxygen involved in the flower freeze drying precedure, the lyophilized flower will not be oxidized.
  You need the machine equipped with vacuum pumps to get a sealed vacuum surroundings. Heat is the reason of flavor loss. How to resolve this problem of flavor loss in flower heating? The solution is to freeze the fresh flower into solid status till it is complete frozen. Therefore, you need a machine that equipped with vacuum pumps and refrigeration compressors. This machine is vacuum freeze dryer.
  Which lyophilizer is suitable for flowers drying?
  There are few companies provide freeze drying equipment for flowers. Most of them are for laboratory use. The production capacity is just 1-3 kg per batch. The area of lyophilization is just only 0.1-0.3 square meters. That's too small for flower lyophilization application. Because flowers like roses are in sizes of 5x5cm, 6x6cm. It requires a lot of space to place them. There are some suppliers in USA and China provide pharmceutical lyophilizers. But it is also not suitable for flower freeze drying, because it is very expensive. To freeze dry flowers, you just need an economic lyophilizer. The lyophilization machine made by Kemolo is suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbals and coffee with large scale production capacity.
  In total, to lyophilize flower, the freeze drying machine is different from other freeze drying requirement. the lyophilization time is also different from freeze-dry food or chemicals. If you want to start a business to dry flowers, you may contact us to get more worthy information.

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