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Why use freeze-drying technology?

Release Date: 2018/9/7 17:51:46 .
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Why use freeze-drying technology?
With the continuous improvement of the national health consumption awareness, food quality has gradually become an important indicator for people to measure products. People's desire to change the irrational diet structure has become more and more intense. Therefore, the production of real original, non-additive, non-polluting, low-calorie, low-fat green products has become an important trend in food development.
When the jujube commander visited abroad, he discovered the black technology of the food industry - FD freeze-drying technology, which is the abbreviation of English "FREEZE DRIED", which refers to vacuum freeze-drying technology. NASA first applied it to Apollo moon landing aerospace. In the food.
FD freeze-drying technology can lock the shape and soul of the original food, can preserve the color, fragrance, taste, shape, and more than 97% of the ingredients. It can be stored for a long time under normal temperature without any preservatives. Ready to eat in minutes. This natural, green, healthy, simple and elegant food is very popular in developed countries. While China's 5,000-year diet is civilized, the Chinese are surrounded by traditional foods such as puffing and frying, and the nutritional and health status is worrying. The jujube commander began to think and explore. He decided to let every family in China eat a new generation of healthy freeze-dried food, so that every child can eat a new generation of healthy freeze-dried food.
After returning home, the commander of the red date cooperated with the China Agricultural University and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, interviewed famous teachers and experts, organized many technical experiments of the company, and integrated the traditional Chinese food and drink concept with freeze-dried black technology. Based on the red dates, it will finally freeze. Dry black technology has landed to produce a new generation of healthy freeze-dried foods and become the “new generation of healthy freeze-dried food guides”. I miss you jujube Xianglian Tremella soup is a masterpiece, from the Minister of Agriculture and the Governor of Henan Province, the market has a favorable rate of 98%, and also won the 2017 Convenience Food Innovation Award.
Nowadays, I really want you to take the red jujube + freeze-drying strategy. The new-generation healthy freeze-dried food also contains red jujube elements, producing more than 100 kinds of freeze-dried foods, and leading a new generation of healthy freeze-dried foods to consume new life. Hundreds of herbs and jujubes are cited. Jujube is a nourishing good for both medicine and food. It is known as a natural vitamin pill. The new generation of healthy freeze-dried foods is inseparable from red dates!
The jujube commander hopes that every family can eat safe, healthy, nutritious and delicious food. Every mother and child can enjoy a standard healthy eating life. Love children, love health, understand health, and be healthy. We are willing to take a new generation of healthy freeze-dried foods for health. Choosing a new generation of healthy freeze-dried foods is a double improvement in life attitude and living height.
Choosing freeze-dried foods firstly pay attention to what the corresponding freeze-dried foods produce, and what are the safety performances. These are all need to be investigated one by one. The food freeze dryer produced by Beijing Songyuan Huaxing has simple operation and high safety performance. It is a high-quality supplier of many manufacturers. Beijing Songyuan Food Freeze Dryer is based on the design and manufacturing technology of the international freeze dryer manufacturer. Beijing Songyuan uses compressors and refrigeration components produced by world famous brand manufacturers. Key components such as vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, circulating pumps, electrical components, etc., using advanced manufacturing technology to produce a full range of international standard freeze dryers from laboratory, pilot to production, all of which have reached or More than the global first-line freeze dryer standard, it can completely replace the US and Germany imported freeze dryer. The stability and reliability of its equipment has also been verified by many customers and is completely trustworthy.

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