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Process for processing freeze-dried coriander beef soup by food process Freeze Dryer

Release Date: 2020/6/3 14:29:12 .
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  The application of freeze-dried coriander beef soup in food process Freeze Dryer. First of all, beef has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening muscles and bones, reducing phlegm and wind, and quenching thirst and saliva; coriander is rich in nutrients, carotene and The iron content is high, and the tender stems and fresh leaves of coriander have a special aroma. The food processing freeze-drying machine is used to produce coriander beef soup, which not only loses nutrients, color and aromatic substances, but also has a good taste. And good rehydration.
  1. Process flow of processing freeze-dried coriander beef soup by food processing freeze dryer
  Original and auxiliary materials receiving-cleaning-shaping-cooked-mixing-weighing and filling-freezing-lyophilization-out of the can-crushing-bagging-packaging-storage.
  2. Operation points
  2.1, receiving raw materials
  The raw and auxiliary materials should be fresh, meet the requirements of food safety, and can only be put into production after passing the acceptance inspection of the raw and auxiliary materials inspection procedures.
  Clean the material with clean flowing water to remove foreign matter. The frozen beef raw materials must be thawed in a clean and sanitary thawing pond. The beef should be completely immersed in flowing water. The water temperature should be controlled at 1~5℃, and the room temperature should be controlled below 15℃. It is required that there are no frozen or hard lumps in the center of the meat; fascia, tendon, cartilage, lymph, congestion, fat, dirt, etc. should be removed.
  2.3, plastic surgery
  Cut the raw meat into a shape suitable for freeze-drying. Rinse the blood stains on the surface with clean water, drain the water and set aside.
  parsley: at 95 ℃, 30S
  Green garlic: at 95℃, 60S
  Agrocybe aegerita: at 95 ℃, 30S   beef: in boiling water for 5min.
  2.5, mixed
  Condiment preparation: Add sugar, chicken essence, vegetable oil, edible salt, starch, maltodextrin and other auxiliary materials to the prescribed amount of water, and then stir to dissolve evenly.
  Mix 1: Put a certain amount of cilantro, green garlic, tea tree mushroom into the seasoning liquid, stir well, and set aside;
  Mix 2: Add the cooked beef to Mix 1 and stir slowly.
  2.6, Weighing and loading
  According to the type of special tray and material, the shape is evenly loaded.
  Put the material on the tray into the quick-freezing rack. When the temperature of the quick-freezing warehouse reaches about -30℃, fill the tray of the material tray. Just push the quick freezer. Generally, the freezing temperature can be reached after 1 to 2 hours or longer, and then kept frozen for 1 to 2 hours.
  2.8, Lyophilization
  After the frozen material enters the freeze-drying bin of the Tuofan Food Freeze Dryer, it starts to evacuate. When the vacuum reaches about 40-50mmHg, it is heated and the sublimation drying begins. During the entire sublimation drying process, the water should always be kept Below the triple point, in this way, the material is kept in a frozen state and will not be thawed, and the process of dehydration under low temperature vacuum is completed.
  2.9, out of the market
  The lyophilized materials are quickly put into special clean food bags.
  2.10, crush
  The lyophilized materials are crushed in special mills as required.
  2.11, bagging
  The crushed materials are put into clean packaging bags.
  2.12, packaging
  According to the requirements, divide the product into small packages with different net contents; all kinds of packaging materials should be clean, non-toxic, no odor, and meet the corresponding national health standards; all kinds of packaging should be free from damage and tightly sealed.

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