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Protection requirements of bench-top type Freeze Dryer in lightning weather

Release Date: 2020/5/28 14:07:55 .
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  The summer is hot and it is also a weather with a lot of thunderstorms. For bench-top type Freeze Dryer , lightning strikes are fatal injuries. The most harmful are direct lightning strikes and induction mines. Direct lightning strikes will directly break down the electronic components of the instrument and cause fire. Induced lightning will invade along the power cord, causing the equipment to discharge, causing short circuits and even direct damage.
   Bench-top type Freeze Dryer  is one of the drying methods, the purpose is to store items. The reason why the items will be damaged, decayed, and deteriorated is mainly due to the external and internal factors. The external factors are the effects of air, water, temperature, and biology. The internal factors are mainly the metabolism of biological substances themselves. The cold dryer is one of the compressed air post-processing equipment. Its dewatering principle is to use the cooling technology to force the compressed air to cool down, and to condense the water vapor and oil mist contained in it into droplets and discharge them from the drain. Thus, dry and pure compressed air is obtained.
  Lightning strikes are divided into two types of attack, direct strike lightning and induced lightning. Direct lightning strikes, as the name implies, means that lightning strikes the camera directly. The damage caused by this lightning strike is the most serious, but the probability of occurrence is relatively small. Induced lightning is called secondary lightning, and it is divided into electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction. bench-top type Freeze Dryer  should pay special attention to thunderstorms and prepare for them in a timely manner. Thunderstorms cause great harm to human activities and often damage production equipment. Most of the current freeze dryers are electromechanical integration equipment. Although they are designed for lightning protection, they are still vulnerable to lightning strikes. Unfortunately, lightning strikes often cause multiple components. Damaged, laborious and expensive to repair. Many components were not damaged after being struck by lightning, but were subjected to high-pressure impact, which laid hidden dangers for future use. Therefore, taking some precautionary measures to reduce the risk of lightning strikes is also a major maintenance of the equipment.
  In short, thunderstorms occur frequently in summer, and bench-top type Freeze Dryer  need to be fearless in wind and rain. On the one hand, they need to plan the city reasonably, strengthen the comprehensive deployment of security products, and be prepared. On the other hand, they also pay attention to the improvement of protection means Better performance products, even in extreme weather extremes can be calmly dealt with.

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