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What is the advantage of Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers?

Release Date: 2020/1/14 17:13:57 .
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What is the advantage of Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers?
Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers is a new type of cabinet structure that combines refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat transfer oil heating system, and dehumidification system. It uses a large amount of storage space in the cabinet to freeze and dry. Vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for the drying of high-grade raw materials, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, biological, wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, food, fruits, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and other materials. Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers is a technical method to obtain dry articles by pre-freezing the water-containing articles and then sublimating the water under vacuum. The freeze-dried articles are easy to be stored for a long time. After adding water to the vacuum freeze-dryer, it can return to the state before lyophilization and maintain the original biochemical characteristics. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, biological products, chemical and food industries. For heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones and other biological products, freeze-drying technology can show its superiority.
1. Chinese (English) interface, large screen LCD display, display and record the vacuum drying curve;
2. Imported compressor, with additional heat exchanger, increases refrigeration capacity and improves water capture capacity;
3. Large cold trap opening, no inner coil, with sample pre-freezing function;
4. Pre-cooling rack can be used as a diversion bucket to speed up the drying speed;
5. The cold trap and operating surface are all stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean;
6. Transparent bell-type drying room, safe and intuitive;
7. Stainless steel sample holder, regular sample tray spacing adjustable;
8. Novel design, small size and convenient operation, reducing laboratory bench occupation;
9. Optional nitrogen inflation valve.
Floor Model Manifold Freeze Dryers has the function of layer heating, which uses electric heating to provide heat to the products. Large LCD screen display, programmable memory freeze-dried curve. Suitable for laboratory samples lyophilization or small-scale production. Double compressor cascade cooling is adopted. The condensing temperature is -80 ℃. The size of the cold trap is large. All samples can be pre-frozen directly in the cold trap.

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