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shelf heating Freeze Dryer key features

Release Date: 2019/12/28 17:27:37 .
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shelf heating Freeze Dryer key features:
1. Using single-machine (imported compressor) mixed refrigerant technology, fast cooling, low cold trap temperature and strong ability to absorb moisture.
2. The cold trap doubles as a material pre-freezing chamber, and there is no need to configure a low temperature refrigerator.
3, LCD screen as human-machine interface, curve and digital display real-time material temperature and cold trap temperature, digital display vacuum;
4.The host is equipped with RS232 communication interface
5. With heating shelf, the heating curve of the shelf can be preset to realize the automation of the sublimation process.
6. Quick-release flange connection is adopted between the host and the vacuum pump, which is easy to use.
7. Use anti-return oil vacuum pump.
8. The mainframe can realize shelf-to-shelf temperature control.
9. Stable and reliable performance and simple operation.
10. Excellent performance-price ratio.
Shelf heating Freeze Dryer's considerations
1. The samples should be kept frozen and cannot be “melted”.
The freezing point of most solvents is higher than -40 ° C, so the temperature of the freezer compartment below -40 ° C can keep the general sample iced.
To ensure that the sample does not "melt back", frozen samples can be made into smaller pieces less than 20 mm.
2, toxic or corrosive samples.
Do not use for freeze-drying. If it must be used, system maintenance is even more necessary, and special filters need to be ordered to protect the vacuum pump.
3. Vacuum pump oil must be kept clean.
Slightly yellow or colorless oil is clean, darker colors indicate acid pollution, and misty turbidity indicates water pollution. Oil needs to be replaced when there is contamination.

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